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Meet the Leader

Suhina Kohli Bahl, Founder Curador by SKB

Get to know the inspirational Dubai-based ‘Millennial’ Entrepreneur Bringing Online Luxury Shopping to a Whole New Level

Suhina Kohli Bahl, the 25-year old creative brain behind Dubai’s new online fashion brand Curador, an exciting new fashion label set to tap into the Middle East’s tech retail potential with the launch of an e-commerce website this October 2018. The online store, named Curador by SKB, will offer the full range of brand fashion items that are currently showcased at Collage Fashion and Tiffany Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Here, Suhina shares her insights about herself, running a business at 25, design inspirations and love for Dubai:

Q: What inspires you to venture to online luxury retail?

SKB: I started appreciating and getting inspired by all the amazing design talents I saw around the world. I love travelling so I easily get inspired by new places, people I interact with and authentic experiences. This inspired me to create a fashion line that will reflect the joy, bliss and by SKB to achieve but it has to be more relatable to the millennial market. 

Q: Did you study fashion design?

SKB: No, I have a degree in Psychology and Business Entrepreneurship. My courses gave me a clear understanding on consumer behaviour and running my own business. My creativity to curate and design are innate passions.

Q: Who/What are your design inspirations?

SKB: I love self-portrait. Designer Han Chong has a huge impact on my designs as I adore the fact that he was able to mix modern feminism, sophistication, flattering concepts and a little dash of quirkiness together. This is what I would loveCurador by SKB to achieve but it has to be more relatable to the millennial market.

Q: How do you describe yourself as a young designer?

SKB: I am an explorer who loves to experiment with my style. I always look for something new, something that excites me, so expect a range of fresh, edgy and unique designs in every collection.

Q: Who are your target markets?

SKB: I believe my designs are ageless. Any woman can wear my designs as long as they love to standout, never afraid of breaking the rules of fashion and have full confidence of who they are. The online store caters to the millennial consumer. As we know, this generation is very tech-savvy. If they prefer to check out the garments in person they will still have the option to visit my showrooms in Collage Fashion, Al Wasl Road and 28th floor, Suite 2810 at Tiffany Tower in JLT.

Q: How was it setting up a business in Dubai?

SKB: It’s a big risk for me but I am always up for a challenge. I believe Dubai is very systematic in terms of opening a business and as a young entrepreneur I hope to inspire other young people to invest and start their own businesses. The sense of responsibility and maturity you will learn as you go along the process will help you appreciate life even better and give you a fresh perspective on life.

Q: What is your brand DNA?

SKB: Create, Curate, Carry. I would like to take people on a fashion journey around the world with style and fashion. Curador by SKB is always searching for something new and fresh to offer our customers. Expect never before seen designs inspired by our world travels.

Q: How do you balance business and creativity?

SKB: Creativity is innate but business is a constant learning process. The trick is always to balance because one without the other is unacceptable in any thriving business. One must always find a way to complement commerce with creativity and vice versa.

Q: Tell us your view on the consumer behavior of the UAE market?

SKB: The people of the UAE, both expats and residents, are fearless fashion shoppers. They have the power to purchase luxury goods in a snap and whatever they imagine can come to fruition with just one swipe of a card. The sense of luxury and love for aesthetics of this country makes it so inspirational for a designer like me to create more designs.

Q: Any fashion tips?

SKB: Trends are what you make for yourself, so dress yourself the way you feel. Always be comfortable but don’t be afraid to try new styles as long as it gives you the confidence and satisfaction you deserve. Wear your second skin with pride.

Q: Message to yourself

SKB: Curate and create. Offer others what you see yourself wearing.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams for your business?

SKB: I hope Curador by SKB becomes one of the best-curated fashion websites and brand in the GCC and worldwide. I hope to become a big name in the e-retail market and gain commercial success by distributing our merchandise to big department stores. I would like to expand as fast as we can and reach out to as many people as possible all around the world. 

By introducing an online store, the brand aims to reach a wider audience – particularly capturing the attention of a tech-savvy millennial market. Curador by SKB will allow its international customer base to order at the click of a button, with those residing in Dubai able to collect items at the store of their choice or opt for the convenience of home delivery. An in-store e-reservation service will be introduced later this year, along with the opening of a catalog showroom at 28th floor, suite 2810 Tiffany Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) last August 2018.

This web-based portal will enable customers to acquire the brand’s contemporary, ready-to-wear style offerings, which are known for adopting some of the finest sartorial customs from around the globe.


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