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Media-Avataar Leadership Talk- Q&A with Samer Diya, Vice President of Sales Emerging Markets, Forcepoint

The MENA region has rapidly emerged as a technology hub with numerous start-up ecosystems, innovation centers and tech-focused initiatives : Samer Diya, Vice President of Sales Emerging Markets, Forcepoint

Here’s the full Q & A:

1.What are your reasons for coming onboard the 43rd edition of GITEX Global, what are your expectations and who are you hoping to meet at the show?

Forcepoint is participating at GITEX Global 2023 and will enjoy a major presence this year, running demos of all our key solutions spanning Data Security, Cloud Security, and Network Security. Our spotlight will be on our Data-first SASE platform Forcepoint ONE –our unique approach to securing hybrid and rapidly evolving computing environments. The Forcepoint ONE all-in-one cloud platform enables security teams to manage one set of policies via a single console for technologies such as secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), and zero-trust network access (ZTNA). Forcepoint was recently recognized as a visionary in the inaugural Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Single-Vendor SASE. We will also showcase our Data Security Everywhere solution featuring Forcepoint DLP with integrated Data Classification, AI-enabled Data Visibility and Risk-Adaptive Protection capabilities. Additionally, we will have live demos of our Flex Edge Secure SD-Wan Solution that helps simplify networking in distributed environments.

GITEX Global is always an enjoyable and highly valuable event for us. Not only is it great to meet so many of our customers in person, but it also affords an opportunity to network with industry figures from across the entire cloud technology ecosystem. Forcepoint’s mission is to help simplify security for the benefit of organizations of every size and we look forward to meeting with enterprises to listen to their needs and requirements for securing their cloud migration.

2.Are you planning to launch any products or services, demonstrate new technologies, or sign any partnerships during the show? Please provide details to help us amplify your presence.

Our senior executives will attend GITEX Global to reinforce our commitment to this region. We will also continue to engage with our customers and partners ecosystems through demo sessions and meetings.

3.How important is GITEX Global for your business, and what is the volume of business growth you anticipate from your participation in the show?

Technology growth and adoption is the highest it has ever been in the Middle East. Learning about other companies and how they are accelerating cloud transformation in the technology space is essential to our business growth and overall market maturity.

GITEX is providing a platform for Forcepoint to showcase our newest offerings to customers and partners underscoring our SASE leadership in the in the cybersecurity world.

4.How important is the Middle East and Africa for your business, and what is your growth strategy in the region over the coming years?

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated across industries, resulting in financial losses, the implementation of stringent government regulations, and cyberattacks due to the amplification of digitalisation. The Middle East cybersecurity market is projected to grow from US$20.3bn in 2022 to US$44.7bn in 2027. Digitalisation and the increased work-from-home culture have led to more devices being used. With considerably more data to protect and the network perimeter essentially having dissolved, an accelerated transition to cloud usage has been necessary.

With customers’ needs always at the forefront, Forcepoint launched Forcepoint ONE – an all-in-one console containing everything essential related to security and the ability to scale. The platform makes it easier for organisations to implement Zero Trust with certainty, to stop ransomware and other malware in their tracks, and to know data is safe wherever needed Ultimately the Forcepoint ONE platform gives remote and hybrid users seamless and safe access to business resources anywhere, while keeping data safe everywhere.

5.To what extent can the region’s bold digital transformation missions elevate the global tech ecosystem?

The MENA region has rapidly emerged as a technology hub with numerous start-up ecosystems, innovation centers and tech-focused initiatives. Forcepoint has recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to open a new data center in Dubai as part of the continued expansion of its Data-first SASE platform services in the Middle East.

Forcepoint’s Data-first SASE approach to cloud-delivered security and connectivity focuses on protecting data everywhere. Organizations worldwide can simplify their transition from legacy point security products to cloud-delivered security by embracing SASE platforms such as Forcepoint ONE.

The new Forcepoint UAE data center will play a pivotal role in providing access to scalable, highly available, and resilient cloud services to accelerate the region’s digital transformation and advance intelligent cloud adoption of businesses. The expansion reinforces Forcepoint’s commitment to helping advance digital transformation and security in the region, in line with the UAE’s National Cybersecurity Strategy.

6.Which countries and industry verticals are you targeting as part of your business plan over the next 5-10 years?

Gulf countries will continue be part of our focus markets in the region. Government, banking, retail, healthcare and education will continue being key industry verticals in the region.

7.GITEX Global is accelerating the epic race for AI dominance in 2023: how is your business embracing the AI innovation wave?

We have seen the growth of generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Bard capture the world’s attention. However, as our role is to protect cyberspace it is important for business leaders to keep in mind that every collaboration with generative AI tools comes with its own set of risks. The AI language tools feed on data and continue to grow stronger with each input. Through the use of algorithms, generative models can expose precious information to the world, and it is important to harness their power through a zero-trust approach.

Our flagship product, Forcepoint ONE, was launched last year, and we will be showcasing the product at GITEX Global. Born in the cloud, it is an all-in-one console that contains everything essential related to security and zero-trust and can scale to meet upcoming needs. The platform routes traffic locally and secures all data from any device. Decryption, inspection, and blocking are constantly running in the background without impacting users.

8.Aside from AI, what is the world’s next big technology shift and how should government, business, and society prepare for it?

Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize computation by leveraging various mechanics to solve complex problems much faster than traditional computers. As quantum computing is about to erupt, it is essential for governments and businesses to invest in research and development to harness its power while also protecting sensitive information.


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