24 Jun 2024 17:04

Meet the Leader

Piyush Mathur, Founder of PEAUR- Flagship brand of Hielo Beverages India

Hielo Beverages India Private Limited is a putative organization dedicated in manufacturing the finest assortment of high-grade; export quality natural mineral water, natural sparkling water, natural nectar based fruit juice and flavoured water. Piyush Mathur is the founder of PEAUR which is the flagship brand of the premium and luxury beverages under Hielo Beverages India.

Here is a Q&A with him….

What prompts you to get into Dubai (UAE) market?

Preparatory to landing on a conclusion which geography would grace the purpose of our existence; we gave preliminary to the statistics of the country where 65% of the population is in the scale of 15-50 years of age. A country where the majority of the community is in an assortment where the consumption of beverages are going mammoth every single year but the bleak result is when the statistics shows that more people are consuming beverages that are not only harmful to them but can also cause violence and injuries. The allude to this statement also permits us to pivot our attention at corporate social responsibility as well, which forms us to reflect on positive health effects. Hence, more needs to be done to diminish the utilization of those drinks which can construct to a dejected league everywhere in the country. As a definite promising research, it convincingly establishes the fact that UAE’s beverage market is making a splash with its growth in demand by 8.4% per year since 2016. 

What category of products will you be selling here?

Classifications of product we are anchoring are Natural Mineral Water (Mountain Spring) , Sparkling Natural Mineral Water, Natural Nectar based Fruit Juices available in the flavours ;Alphonso Mango, Orange, Peach and Pineapple) and last but on least our Flavoured Vitamin Water,  essentially the need of today to revive and restore the soul of mankind sourced from the pristine and fresh lap lands under the foothills of Himalayan ranges in India.  

What is the amount of investment you are making?

As per the demand, we produce around 50,000 to 60,000 liters of juices and 60,000 liters of water per day at our manufacturing facilities in the Uttrakhand state of northern India. However, our production capacity stands at 120,000 liters per day. Independent from its monitory terms we also intend to invest on the Research and Development, Asset Stock, Training, and Marketing & Communication which are requisite for the brand image for its growth and prosperity.

 According to the experts and confirmed by Mr. Piyush Mathur, the current UAE beverage market 1.45 billion liters in the category specifically for bottled water. The market for beverages has also witnessed the growth every year at 3% as remarkably noted. As stated by Euro Monitors, the consumption of drinking water makes 60% and 20% for fruit juices with 17% for the other soft drinks. This raises great motivation in the team of Hielo Beverages to address and explore the UAE market for the natural product line of PEAUR.

Any challenges you foresee? How do you intend to take on well entrenched competition? 

The possibilities that we hold are so exceptionally high which assists us to go beyond the horizon and foresee all the future challenges as opportunities to emerge as the finest contributor in the beverage industry in UAE. The competition in UAE beverage industry has a healthy appetite which we consider as a gateway of various opportunities for us to improve the quality of our products. And we commit to progress and stand on the basis of merit in terms of quality and the added panache factor PEAUR possesses. 

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