23 May 2024 19:28

Mobile & Digital

49% of UAE shoppers likely to shop cross-border revealed at DHL’s Breakfast Club Seminar

At an exclusive Breakfast Club Seminar, held recently by DHL Express, the world’s leading international express service provider – UAE related e-commerce insights from a global survey by PayPal was revealed.

Titled ‘World of Opportunities for the UAE Merchants’ the findings depict highly encouraging trends pertaining to cross-border e-commerce amongst digitally-savvy consumers in the Middle East and other regions.

Nearly half of the consumers in the UAE – at 49%, prefer to shop cross-border, based on their numerous preferences such as availability, affordability, convenience and security – reveals the survey, among other interesting results.

The global survey, conducted by PayPal, was designed to gain insights into three critical areas – evolving trends in e-commerce, key considerations of consumers who shop locally as well as internationally, and preferred mode of payments during transactions.

Geoff Walsh, UAE Country Manager, DHL Express, said: “Our expertise and reputation is built squarely on our ability to efficiently enable cross-border e-commerce – especially last mile delivery, adhering to international regulations, managing paperwork and leveraging local knowhow. Thanks to the proliferation of easily-accessible digital devices and high-speed data connectivity, an increasing section of shoppers today prefer e-commerce websites.

The results of the survey by PayPal are highly encouraging and present a plethora of emerging trends and underlying opportunities in this digitally-savvy part of the world.”

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