22 Jul 2024 02:53

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DangleAds Technologies’ Grand Launch In Dubai

DangleAds Technologies, Global Leader In Driving 360° Digital Excellence, proudly announces the inauguration of its newest office in the heart of Dubai. This step marks a significant milestone in the company’s global expansion journey while reaffirming its commitment to serving the dynamic markets of the United Arab Emirates (Gulf Cooperation Council).

Dubai’s vibrant and thriving business ecosystem makes it the ideal location for DangleAds to strategically expand its footprints, cultivate international client relationships, and explore emerging diverse markets.

The new location also serves as a direct way for the team to deliver a comprehensive suite of services and industry expertise to Dubai’s roaring market.

Pulkit Narayan, CEO & Founder of DangleAds Technologies while shining a light on the new launch, comments, “The expansion in the Middle East region has been on DangleAds’ radar for a long time. After the success of our previous launches in Amsterdam & Germany, we’re readily looking forward to stepping into the UAE market. With the region’s diverse potential, it serves as the perfect destination to upscale our presence and fulfill the market’s demand. In unison with the launch, our aim was also to expand our GCC team and meet the evolving needs of our international clients.”

He also added, “With a strong grasp on innovation and technology, our current focus lies on scaling our services worldwide, leveraging our unique offerings in Programmatic, Technology and Performance.”

At present, DangleAds is dedicated to the development and expansion of its in-house programmatic platform, AudienceConnect.AI and successful integration with diverse Supply Source Partners and automated technology while actively building media buying processes and AI-based creative production technology that aims at offering creative templates in one go catered to audiences worldwide. They are also linked to give perfect transactional data to meet the bottom funnel for the advertiser owing to the DangleAds Data Management Platform (DMP) and Consumer Data Platform (CDP).

While DangleAds global expansion strategy has already established its roots in Netherland, Germany, UK, UAE, Singapore and India, the strategic hires on the other hand position the team to seamlessly provide an all-encompassing digital advertising solution globally.

Vision for the Future

DangleAds Technologies has consistently dominated the Indian market in the digital marketing space, earning a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions and a strong demand-side platform for diverse client needs.

With the launch of its Dubai office, the company is now one step closer to replicating this success on a global scale. The new Dubai office will serve as the nerve center for DangleAds’ operations worldwide, allowing the company to expand its service portfolio to a global clientele.

The company’s three-pronged approach – Programmatic, Technology and Performance will enable clients to engage audiences effectively, drive performance, –and build strong brand equity.

Thus, with the launch of the new office in UAE and a new team onboard, DangleAds is all set to take its presence to new heights of successful innovation and contribute significantly to the digital industry.

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