24 Jun 2024 16:39

Mobile & Digital

Amazon shoppers ‘don’t notice’ ads, but nothing to worry about

New survey data indicates Amazon shoppers maybe blinded to ads. But, that doesn’t mean marketers should avoid advertising in Amazon’s marketplace. That because, although more shoppers within Amazon report not noticing ads, those who do notice are highly engaged.

Ad revenue within Amazon is expected to increase more than 60% YoY in 2018 to reach at least the $4 billion mark.

Here’s how the ad numbers numbers, part of CPC Strategy’s new 2018 Amazon Shopper Behavior Study, found that 65% of those shopping on Amazon do not notice ads. However, nearly 25% do notice ads, and more than noticing them, these shoppers find ads without Amazon both useful and relevant to them.

“The number of Amazon shoppers who either don’t notice ads on Amazon or find them ‘useful and relevant’ is truly mind blowing,’ said Rick Backus, CEO and cofounder of CPC Strategy. “There are very few advertising channels where that’s the case. Amazon has been improving their native advertising experience for shoppers, and it’s clearly paying off.”

Researchers further found that most Amazon shoppers (74%) continue to price check on other sites, and that about 14% have made a purchase via a voice-activated assistant within the past six months.

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