23 May 2024 19:26

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Why Instagram Archive Is Your Brand’s Buddy

Earlier this year, a study unraveled a staggering number of business profiles set up on Instagram – 15 million. In March 2017 alone, over 120 million Instagram users visited a linked business website, called, emailed or sent a direct message to a brand profile on the app.

But, with the surge of a digiculture and Instagram being an ever-adapting app, the above figures are expected to grow at a rapid pace, almost eliminating the element of surprise and introducing an element of expectation.

Amongst various social media platforms like Facebook, Snap Inc. and Twitter, Instagram takes lead in favorable social media platform for businesses. This is thanks to the app’s best features including instant uploads, filter options, post-sharing and InstaStories. However, a recent introduction of a new feature is proving to be a game changer.

Say hello to the archive option.

Tapping on the three dots above an image prompts a drop-down list that includes the archive option. This serves purpose for those who can’t part with their pictures but also seem to question certain posts that include unflattering filters or angles. The option allows images to be saved in a folder that can only be previewed by the user. Instagrammers also have the option of restoring an archived image back on their feeds in chronological order.

But, what can businesses do with the archive option on their Instagram profile?

Hide outdated content

Old product posts, images of ex-staff, completed campaign posts, low engagement uploads, these can be hidden from the timeline and saved under the archive button. This gives businesses the option to refer to statistics of old posts if needed.

Archive old business

Parted ways with a business associate but have photos of their business on the brand’s Instagram account? Instead of deleting all evidence of the partnership, simply archive the posts. There may be a possibility of a business relationship being rekindled, giving reason to unarchive in the future.

Revamp your feed

Just like a new hairstyle or a complete makeover, refreshing your Instagram feed and switching up a brand’s ‘instavibe’ is now possible without losing all posted content. You can have a clean slate, minus the anxiety of losing all images. Archiving old images will maintain value of social investment and provide insight on Instagram analytics. Bonus? Abundant #thursdaythrowback content.

Authored by: Rasika Thapa, Junior Account Executive, Spread Communications  

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