26 May 2024 10:53

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5 Best Apps for Professionals to turn Entrepreneurs

Starting an online business is by no means an easy undertaking. If one wants to learn how to make money online while carrying out their full-time professional job, they need to have a good business idea as well as readily available tools to carry out their business seamlessly. A perfect part-time business would have to be very effortless to begin. It would also ideally require less investment of time and money and no very essentially no technical expertise. Another important factor would be that the business would be easy to maintain and demonstrate a high probability of success. 

Here are some companies that help you pursue your online business ideas easily with the most returns:


Singapore based technology company Shopmatic, works by removing the complexities of setting up an ecommerce business. The company solves the e-Commerce mystery by bringing together all the aspects required of the e-Commerce ecosystem on a single platform and creates an ecosystem for millions of entrepreneurs to be an online seller. It handles challenges like managing selling channels, integrating payment and delivery systems.


Driving with Uber is a great way to earn extra cash on an individual’s personal schedule. The more one drives, the more they can earn. It’s simple and perfect for those looking for a seasonal part time job opportunity. One can set their own hours, according to their convenience. Even a professional sales person, for example who travels a quite a bit for work can use Uber to enjoy a few hours to make extra cash by making trips.

Urban Clap

The company has opened a new life chapter for working professionals by boosting their earning capacity. It has also allowed people to create additional employment, by making them feel like they are their own bosses, which emphasizes some level of independence. The people registered on the platform are a generation of new entrepreneurs who are use their extra hours to make money by putting their skills into action.


If one has a passion for cooking and experimenting with ingredients then they could use their handiness at Innerchef. The platform is home to several talented chefs who use their free time to get their food delivered to several households. The platform provides the individuals with all the necessary equipments and also their in-house kitchen to carry out their cooking tasks. There is no hassle of setting up an online platform to get the food delivered and the cooks are not required to manage the task of maintaining their own website. 

Instagram Business

Instagram today is not just a niche social networking platform anymore.  Sharing photos and videos is what Instagram is all about and now one can use the platform to carry out their business for free of cost. One can showcase graphically amusing and inspiring stories about their business and brand through visuals and also list their products for sale on the platform. 

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