14 Jun 2024 22:43

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Ooredoo to Participate at Mobile World Congress 2017

Ooredoo has today announced that it will showcase next-generation solutions and services on its pavilion at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this month, demonstrating the incredible progress the company has made in recent years.  

The company is pushing to become a data experience leader across its footprint in the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia, and each of its operations has made major progress in modernising their networks and enhancing the range of content and apps available for customers. Ooredoo now provides 4G services to eight out of ten of its markets and advanced fixed line services in six operations.

Ooredoo’s enhanced network infrastructure has enabled the company to introduce a range of innovative services and conduct cutting-edge network research, and visitors to its pavilion at the Mobile World Congress will be among the first to see the results of this work.

Sheikh Saud Bin Nasser Al Thani, Group CEO, Ooredoo Group, said: “The Mobile World Congress is one of the biggest events in the industry calendar and a chance for us to showcase our solutions as well as collaborate with a host of companies from around the world. Ooredoo is a data experience leader, and this event enables us to show the incredible progress we have made and the benefits we are delivering for our customers.”

One of the prime areas of focus will be Ooredoo’s research into 5G technology, which will provide the enhanced speeds and improved latency necessary to deliver next generation mobile technologies.

As part of its participation in Mobile World Congress, Ooredoo will take visitors on a journey from the days of voice and text through to the super-connected era of 4.5G and 5G now made possible by Ooredoo’s advanced Supernet technologies. Using a special video demonstration of 5G-enabled robotics, Ooredoo will show the faster and smoother performance of Ooredoo 5G and the potential for Internet of Things applications, with the reduced latency and high-speed network enabling real-time communication between machines.

Joining next-generation and lifesaving technology together, Ooredoo will also premier its ‘Ooredoo Rescue’ concept. Using pioneering drone technology Ooredoo aims to enable Coast Guards to respond faster and more accurately to emergencies by providing a live video feed of the situation remotely and deploying an emergency raft via the drone. The Ooredoo Rescue solution includes a host of stations on a series of made-to-order buoys that are anchored around the coast. Each buoy is equipped with cameras, powered by solar technologies that can monitor the seas in real time.

These then feed through to the control centre of the Coast Guard, who are trained in emergency response best practices. Piloted by trained professionals in the Coast Guard control centre, the drones communicate remotely via video feed over Ooredoo’s world-class 4G Supernet. The new Ooredoo Rescue solution focuses on getting a drone carrying a life raft to the person in need in the fastest time possible, to allow them to hold on to the floatation device until human aid can reach them.

Ooredoo will also present a broad range of mobile health solutions, including “You Click, We Care”, which brings advance medical monitoring and interaction straight to the home. Patients with chronic diseases can receive full medical attention from professionals with just one click on a mobile device, while advanced monitoring and alerting algorithms enable doctors to intervene as required before an emergency situation.

With Qatar set to host some of the world’s largest sporting events in the coming years, Ooredoo will include a section on its pavilion covering Smart Sports Venue Management. One of the highlights in this area will be Ooredoo Smart Stadium, a centralised solution for stadium management that controls security, connectivity, identity management, and access control, enabling teams to effectively manage large-scale events using enhanced predictive models, business intelligence and real-time monitoring.

In addition, Ooredoo will demonstrate the latest in Content Innovation services, where 2D and 3D coverage of matches can be broadcast to fan zones and directly to people’s homes within a fully-interactive virtual reality ecosystem.

Highlighting its growing cyber security portfolio across its footprint, Ooredoo will also showcase a live demonstration of security solutions available for businesses, to exhibit the real-time capabilities of Ooredoo’s cyber-security technology.

Ooredoo’s next generation Security Operations Centre uses machine learning, behaviour analytics and in-built threat intelligence to provide customers with a proactive defensive barrier to tackle a full range of cyber-threats.

Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) technology will also be on display, with Indosat Ooredoo showing the benefits of all things ‘digital’ with their comprehensive solutions portfolio from Indonesia, showcasing everything from smart lighting and waste management, to education and future library options.

Ooredoo’s Smart City vision aims to create urban areas that enrich peoples’ everyday lives and enable them to fulfil their aspirations through efficient and sustainable services. From intelligent traffic to connected homes, from smart metering to natural disaster response, Ooredoo’s Smart City platform is the centre of operations for all smart solutions and City Management Systems. The Ooredoo stand at Mobile World Congress will take visitors through an example of how innovative IoT services enable faster responses in critical solutions. 

The Mobile World Congress 2017 will be held 27 February – 2 March at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain. 

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