23 May 2024 19:37

Mobile & Digital

Goole appoints new MD for MENA

Google has appointed Lino Cattaruzi to the role of Managing Director for its operations across the Middle East and North Africa. With experience in the technology industry, Lino previously worked with Google as Director for Sales Strategy and most recently as Country Director, Argentina and later Mexico. In his new role, he will lead the efforts to enable local business partners grow and engage with consumers online, as well as help the wider digital community through programs and initiatives across the MENA region.

“After eight years of experience within the international Google offices, I am excited to start a new challenge within the company and look forward to working with some very talented Googlers here in the Dubai office,” says Lino. “I find the MENA region to be truly fascinating and believe there is a lot more to be done in unlocking its digital potentials.”

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