14 Jun 2024 23:44

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8 percent of UAE diners opt for healthy options

Leading online food ordering service, Talabat.com, has revealed that healthy food orders now constitute approximately eight per cent of the total food orders placed across its mobile and online platforms every month.

In 2016, the average number of monthly healthy food orders logged on Talabat has risen to 29,000 per month – a statistic reflected by the tremendous growth in vendors on the online food delivery giant’s ‘Healthy’ cuisine category, which now counts 66 food outlets, a 93 per cent rise on last year’s tally.

The most popular ‘Healthy’ cuisine options are available in both international franchises such as Subway, as well as domestic food houses such as Curry Box, Shabby Chic Restaurant, Urban Bites, Right Bite Express, Kcal Restaurant, Under 500 and S’wich.  

The top three performing brands within Talabat’s dedicated ‘Healthy’ cuisine category are Right Bite Express, Kcal and Subway, with the trio constituting 86 percent of total ‘Healthy’ takeaways.  Vitally, the average number of takeaways ordered on its three leading ‘Healthy’ cuisine vendors has increased by a 52 per cent in the last 12 months.

According to Talabat, the unprecedented demand for health food options is attributed to UAE residents turning away from traditional takeaway options such as pizzas, burgers and fried chicken in favour of meals that are more wholesome.

“We are constantly developing our service offering and growing our restaurant partner database in response to customer demands. The takeaway market is evolving and customers are increasingly looking for food which is good for the stomach and the soul. We do not see this trend disappearing and Talabat will continue to grow its menu of healthy food options in-line with increased consumer demand for healthy takeaways,” said Abdulhamid Alomar, CEO of Talabat.

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