18 Jun 2024 02:06

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MediaMath is first external partner to integrate Google AdX Programmatic Guaranteed

MediaMath, the leading independent programmatic company for marketers, today announced the integration of Google DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX)’s Programmatic Guaranteed product, the first external programmatic technology partner to do so.

The product brings the power of programmatic to the most premium, sought-after supply inventory. Google estimates nearly 60% of programmatic spending will be via Programmatic Guaranteed by 2019.

Tanuj Joshi, VP, Global Media Partnerships, MediaMath, commented, “We are excited to be the first company that Google has opened their Programmatic Guaranteed offering to. The opportunity is live with us in all AdX markets: EMEA, APAC, LATAM and North America. Advertisers achieve better ROI when they execute this new type of deal – it’s a must-have.”

Today, advertisers are looking for new ways to procure inventory through direct deals both efficiently and at scale without sacrificing quality. MediaMath’s integration with Google’s Programmatic Guaranteed does exactly that by streamlining the workflow for securing and negotiating high-value inventory from more than 500 publishers. More importantly, though, it is bringing marketers one step closer to leveraging programmatic for all their media buys.

On the partnership, Chip Hall, Managing Director, Google Media Platforms, said, “We’re excited to bring new ways to use the power of real-time, data-driven decisions combined with access to brand-safe, reserved publisher inventory to the market. MediaMath’s integration with the DoubleClick Ad Exchange is a great example of how Programmatic Guaranteed is creating new opportunities for advertisers and publishers to connect.”

Kevin Fernandes, Head of Programmatic Trading, Havas Australia, also commented: “With the programmatic guaranteed solution now being available in MediaMath, it is a true testament of where the whole digital media landscape is heading towards. We can now leverage the high-value reserved, brand-safe and premium publisher inventory that our clients want to be seen on while at the same time move towards improving the overall digital campaign performance centered around data-driven decisioning.”

“This initiative is another great example of how various partners have come together and pushed toward greater efficiencies within the larger media ecosystem. With this integration, our clients will enjoy the ease and benefits of centralised billing and payment consolidation, further enhancing their experience working with programmatic technologies,” Lim Wan Tsau, Senior Director, Global Media Partnerships, MediaMath APAC commented.

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