23 May 2024 22:34

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START UP HERO, the largest business focused channel in the Middle East

In less than 6 weeks since its launch date, Startup Hero’s Youtube channel has announced over 136,000 subscribers, making it the largest business focused channel in the United Arab Emirates, attracting aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world in just one episode. 

Startup Hero is the latest show in the Middle East to turn business ideas into reality by connecting young entrepreneurs with potential investors, and the United Arab Emirates being home to the brightest and boldest ideas by entrepreneurs and investors from all corners of the globe makes it the perfect location for the show. Apart from pitching ideas, participants will receive exposure, advice from business professionals and potential investment opportunities from some of the brightest minds in the region eager to support and encourage entrepreneurship, creating long-term social impact in the market.  

“The immediate response of the market has been astounding,”  says Saygin Yalcin. “It takes me back because I was in their shoes not too long ago and for many of us, ideas are part of a dream of maybe, or one day, but at Startup Hero we can bring those ideas to life in the show, and the UAE is the perfect place for fresh and out of the box ideas. It is exciting to see that we had over 10,000 applications from over 33 nationalities for the first episode, and have welcomed ideas from all industries. Within 20 days of launching we had over 100,000 likes, 150,000 comments and watch time minutes totaling over 5 million. The feedback, interaction and excitement of the public and participants have been very positive and we are currently preparing for our second episode with a new panel of judges.”

Participants from all industry backgrounds pitch new ideas to a panel of guru entrepreneurs and investors, and Yalcin expects the number of applicants to double for the second episode with the current figures. The region’s online business guru has chosen judges from various industry backgrounds to present a diverse and fresh mix of ideas and opinions to the fast growing show. 

Potential investors and aspiring entrepreneurs alike can present themselves in the show by applying on Startuphero.com. Startup Hero is currently in preparation for the second episode, soon to be available online on their Youtube channel. 

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