23 May 2024 22:05

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The New Rules of Engagement

The CMO Council is set to release a new white paper “Shopper Marketing: The New Rules of Engagement” that includes insights from 166 senior marketing leaders and 2,100 North American consumers.

The report finds that, while Marketers have made strides in meeting the expectations of customers, there is still opportunity to reach deeper to create that competitive difference that cuts through the clutter and leverage channels that truly make an impact.

 The online surveys were fielded over August and September. Liz Miller, SVP of Marketing for the CMO Council is available for additional commentary and investigation of the key findings and implications from both marketer and consumer data findings. Let me know if you would like to set-up a call and what days/times work best for you.

Among the key findings and data points of the report:

• For marketers, data strategies are a goal…not a reality yet. 35% admit that while there is a data strategy in place for MARKETING, it is not a strategy embraced or shared across the organization. 23% admit that no strategy exists…at all

• Why?  43% admit that the organization has yet to fully embrace data as a critical operational requirement; and equal amount (43%) say that it is just too hard to get the entire organization to agree on a data strategy.

• Proving marketers build the best walled gardens, 83% say customer data is informing them of behaviors on the brand’s website; but only 13% say their data points to customer behaviors OUTSIDE the brand and retail partner sites.

•  Consumers aren’t just reaching out for fun,…they need something. 32% say that when they reach out it is to solve a problem or because they have an issue or complaint. 4% say it is to connect with a specific personality of the brand and 5% say they are doing it for fun.

•  Consumers overwhelmingly want savings and rewards that are based on their own past purchases (47%).

•  When asked what forms of advertising or promotion moved a customer to buy, coupons and discounts (regardless of delivery channel) topped the list (71%), followed by suggestions from friends and family (39%).

• When asked to specific which form of advertising was the LEAST effective, relevant or valuable—and could also be the most bothersome – to consumers, disruptive ads don’t work. 29% of consumers pointed to TV ads, followed by radio ads (20%) and mobile text ads (20%).

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