26 May 2024 09:01

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Triple Expansion for SellAnyCar.com’s Third Anniversary

In honor of its third anniversary, the Middle East’s first and largest car buying service is celebrating with three new locations within the United Arab Emirates.

Since the UAE has one of the highest automobile turnover rates in the region, it is the ideal location to add to the existing current four locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

“We’re excited to celebrate this anniversary,” says SellAnyCar.com Founder and CEO Saygin Yalcin. “In our three years of business since 2013 we have evaluated almost 2 million cars at a value of AED 40 billion and SellAnyCar.com’s successful business model has made us the largest car buying service in the Middle East. Every minute a car is being evaluated by SellAnyCar.com, with an evaluation taking place every 15 seconds on our record days. Our vision is to be present within every country in the Middle East as everyone’s premium go to service for selling their cars, and I’m proud to say that in response to market demand we have extended our service throughout the United Arab Emirates to now include Dalma Mall, Wahda Mall and Arabian Centre.”

SellAnyCar.com’s mission from the start was to provide the ultimate convenience by continuously offering hassle-free and immediate car valuation, inspection and sale to its customers, regardless of make, model and condition. SellAnyCar.com can process paperwork and authorize payment into the seller’s bank account within 30 minutes, and in addition, if the car is of a sufficient value, can even provide the customers with a rental replacement from some of the UAE’s top car rental agencies. SellAnyCar.com’s service even includes cars still financed by the bank and have reported that 20 percent of their purchased vehicles were still mortgaged. 

The convenience SellAnyCar.com offers and their competitive prices go beyond customers who wish to sell their car, but also extend its car buying platform to dealers. Traders can join the car buying network as well by registering for free and they are given instant updates on any vehicle SellAnyCar.com receives for sale. The network of connected dealers establishes a fair market price for the car, and a sales offer is made to traders within 12 minutes.

SellAnyCar.com’s new branches are already open in Dalma Mall and Wahda Mall, Abu Dhabi. The new Dubai location is at Arabian Centre.

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