14 Jun 2024 22:41

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Social media marketing drives demand in the UAE real estate sector

With the softening of the real estate market and the introduction of more properties to suit various budgets, ranging from ultra-luxury to affordable series, real estate organizations are investing in social media marketing to reach their potential customers. Meltwater, a global media intelligence firm, analysed the social media responses during Cityscape and the results clearly show how digital media is driving the demand for properties.

A total of 1,505 mentions were recorded from 1st of August until 15th of September about the region’s leading property exhibition and the mentions were made not only by UAE social media users but also by those from countries like USA and UK.

An analysis of social media reactions on “CItyScape”, shows that not only people in UAE and other Arab countries were engaged with the annual event, but also people from different regions in the world like USA with 9%, UK with 7% and Turkey with 5%.

Social media influencers were also part of this year’s Cityscape, showing the growing popularity of influencer marketing in the region. Noha Nabil best known as a Kuwaiti TV presenter commented on her Instagram about Emaar properties, and the popular Art, Travel, Food & Fashion blogger Mina Al Sheikhly shared about “Queue Point” project by Mazaya Holdings located in Dubai Land on her Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and also Shahdal Jumaily, a Dubai-based Architect and Fashion Entepreneur, posted about her visit to CityScape.

Adele Coelho, Head of Marketing at Meltwater, says: “In today’s social media marketing arena, influencers with a strong follower base play a vital role in driving awareness about the company’s marketing initiatives and services. This trend has grown beyond the fashion and beauty sector, and has now become the norm even in the real estate industry.”

The highest conversations about Cityscape took place between 4th and 10th of September on Twitter (54.47%), followed by Facebook (35.8%) and blogs (4.74%), which is when the expo took place in Dubai.

The key Search words used by Meltwater for the social media search were Cityscape, #CityscapeGlobal and Cityscape MENA.

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