24 Jun 2024 17:06

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comScore launches solution to drive data activation

comScore introduced a new global solution that allows media buyers and sellers to build more powerful audience and content targets to drive stronger advertising results. comScore Activation helps media sellers increase scale and achieve higher CPMs for their inventory, and enables advertisers to reach their target audience with more relevant messaging in a context that is right for their brand.  

Through a precise analysis of page-level content and audience behaviour, comScore Activation allows clients to build unique targets based on custom criteria. Clients leverage this powerful technology to refine their existing audience targets, or build new ones. These targets are then integrated directly into their ad server or DMP, allowing buyers or sellers to quickly and easily activate off of this data when buying impressions or packaging inventory.

“In the age of personalisation, media buyers and sellers need to deliver highly relevant experiences and create targets based on attributes beyond age and gender,” said Manish Bhatia, chief product officer at comScore. “Our clients come to us because our proprietary technology enables them to create more scalable segments with precision, and they can achieve results that are superior to what they would get from using a semantics-only approach.” 

With comScore Activation, media buyers can reach audiences through more personalised campaign tactics, and media sellers can efficiently unearth highly relevant content to differentiate their inventory and increase value.

Media buyers can:

Be confident advertising is delivered in environments that are safe for their brand.

Tailor marketing messages based on consumer interests to break through and better engage valuable customer segments.

Cost-effectively improve share-of-voice within their competitive set by creating more strategic digital advertising strategies.

Media sellers can:

Highlight quality, maximise scale and avoid brand safety issues by packaging beyond site sections and editorial tags.

Increase the value of owned content by offering quality packages that meet unique advertiser needs.

Extend targetable digital audiences via lookalike modeling.

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