14 Jun 2024 23:58

Mobile & Digital

Study: Engagement happening in digital

When it comes to engaging with brands, more and more consumers are doing so in the digital space. That’s one takeaway from new STARTEK data which found that most (80%) of consumers are now using digital devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers – to contact brands.

Forget the mall or a brick-and-mortar superstore. The place more consumers are engaging with brands is digital. According to STARTEK consumers are increasingly turning to the online space to contact brands, although younger consumers are leading this charge.

STARTEK’s data found that while 80% of people are not using digital devices to reach brands, Millennials are 137% more likely to use cell phones, for example, for this contact.

“It’s important to understand how consumers want to engage with your brand and develop a strategy that will deepen the customer relationship, build brand advocates and reach new audiences,” stated Courtney Simpson, director of marketing for STARTEK. “Our survey looks at how consumers’ interactions with brands have evolved from using traditional communication channels like calling from a landline to a more digital approach via email, chat, social media and virtual reality.”

Other interesting findings from the report include:

• 77% say digital communication with companies ‘is easy’

• 80% say they ‘receive good customer service’ via social media

• 1 in 3 say they ‘are excited’ about the possibility of virtual reality contact with brands

• Men are more likely than woman to report Twitter as a good customer service channel

• Women are more likely than men to report Pinterest as a good customer service channel

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