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Young, tech-savvy consumers fuel the UAE’s e-commerce boom

New data from EZHeights.com, the UAE’s first online social market place, forecasts a surge in personalised online trading within the Emirates in 2016

New data from local e-commerce site EZHeights.com predicts a buoyant next 12 months for the UAE’s e-commerce industry. With high mobile phone penetration rates, a young population and high GDP per capita, the UAE is home to the fastest growing e-commerce market in the region.

With such a variety of e-commerce sites in the marketplace, users are seeking streamlined, convenient and easy-to-use services from their online shopping experience, whether buying or selling online. EZHeights.com, the UAE’s first online social market place, reports a high usage rate when it comes to the website’s social infrastructure. Less than 12 months since the site was launched, it now boasts 50,000 registered users and 5000 daily unique visitors. With social elements of the website offering customers the chance to engage with one another and make use of the site’s interactive social media tools, it’s evident that users are looking for a more personalised shopping experience.

“We’ve seen a lot of activity on the site over the past 12 months that has helped us to forecast customer behaviour for 2016. Due to the demographic of people visiting the site and the types of posts that are being uploaded, we can see what the trends will be for 2016,” says Adham Saleh, Managing Director of EZHeights.com.

In 2015, 54.15% of all traffic to EZHeights.com was from male visitors, a trend which is likely to increase yet further in 2016, as women are more likely to view shopping as a more tangible and social event, and prefer an offline experience when possible.

Real estate will continue to be a major e-commerce theme in the UAE in 2016, with the property industry predicted to cool and prices set to come down throughout the year. Last year ‘apartments for sale’ was the category with the most adverts uploaded on EZHeights.com, revealing that property units are being sold in high quantities in the UAE. 

“We know that in 2015 our social market place was also extremely popular, and we’re looking forward to seeing how this is going to be adopted in 2016 and how we can further evolve this important element of the EZHeights.com site,” adds Saleh. “

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