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Vaniday app named one of the Best Apps on Google Play

The Vaniday app has been highlighted as one of the Best Apps on Google Play in the UAE – a testament to how valued the concept is viewed by the digital influencers at Google.

Established less than seven months ago, Vaniday, the online salon and spa booking platform, has become the global go-to destination for busy people who want to book a hair, beauty or well-being appointment quickly and conveniently.

Now live in three continents globally, an important milestone has been reached by the Middle East branch of the brand. The app has just been featured on Google Play, which means the app icon is now present on the homepage of Play Store in the news & updated apps section

“Given that Google Play serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, having the app featured on this acclaimed digital platform demonstrates that influencers in the digital sector believe our concept is integral to lifestyle in the Middle East,” says Nitin Reen, co-founder and CEO of Vaniday Middle East. “This additional visibility stands as proof of trust from Google that our app appeals to their user base, which in turn ensures we have the best possible chance of reaching our potential client base.”

Vaniday aims to enable beauty and wellness services to become just as accessible digitally as other industries have become within the past few years, by streamlining the discovery and booking process for salon and spa customers. At the same time, Vaniday provides partnered salons with intuitive and constantly updated CRM, marketing, and online-booking tools that would be costly for them to develop on their own.

The fast-growing company continues to rapidly flourish, with a double-digit growth in bookings on a monthly basis.

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