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Mobile website or app- What’s your choice?

Do smartphone users prefer mobile websites or apps for shopping? New research from Siteworx provides the answer.

In its third annual consumer survey of 3,000 U.S. consumers, Siteworx reveals that smartphone users prefer to do their shopping on mobile websites rather than apps, and that number is rising.

A year ago, just over half (56%) of smartphone users said they preferred to conduct their mobile shopping via mobile websites. That figure now stands at 63%.

When asked what would encourage them to download a retailer’s mobile app, speed was the major consideration cited by 32% of respondents.

“Speed is king,” said Patricia Mejia, chief marketing officer of Siteworx. “Web site and application response times are paramount, and while they are what happens in the background, they have a tremendous impact on experience and conversions. This is something that retailers can’t take their eye off even as they focus on the customer-facing aspects of the experience. It’s complex but equally as important.”

Other factors that would encourage app downloads include:

– Special offers (29%);

– Streamlined checkout process (24%);

– Loyalty benefits (20%).

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