26 May 2024 09:32

Mobile & Digital

Why LinkedIn Is Brilliant for Small Business Marketing

As a social platform, LinkedIn takes it lumps. There is the perception that it is a business job site, corporate networking site, not as good for business development as other platforms, and so on. But, ignoring LinkedIn in your small business marketing strategy is folly. If your business sells to other businesses LinkedIn is a great place to be. If you market to consumers, LinkedIn has over 300 million users.

This infographic highlights some numbers that show how attractive LinkedIn is and why it should be included in your marketing system.

You can begin conversations in groups, share content, write and share articles, have a detailed profile, etc. Your efforts can bring traffic to your digital properties, lead to conversations, create leads and so on. These connections aren’t random, they are people who have likely seen your profile and read your contributions and have chosen to communicate with you. While the numbers may not be as high as other social platforms, the people on LinkedIn are much more focused and likely to be good leads.

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