23 May 2024 22:48

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Apple claims ‘best line-up ever’ with new iPad and iMac launches

Apple has revealed a series of new devices, including its thinnest iPad tablet device to date, which CEO Tim Cook has describes as completing its “strongest product line-up ever”.

Speaking at a launch event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters yesterday (16 October), Cook unveiled a 6.1mm-thick iPad Air 2, a iPad mini 3 offering Touch ID technology, and a new iMac with a 5k resolution.

The company also launched its new Apple Pay secure payment technology, allowing users to pay via Touch ID on iPads and iPhones.

Addressing Apple’s latest smartphones, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Cook claimed they have been well-received by critics and customers, and said the devices had set a new “high-water mark” for first month sales.

Both iPhones go on sale in China this week, and Cook stated his confidence that they would prove successful: “This is the very first time we’ve launched a new iPhone on all three [major Chinese] networks, and we’re doing it perfectly aligned to early stages of China’s 4G roll-out.

“The pre-orders have set a new record and we can’t wait to get started. With what’s going on in China, and in other markets, this is our biggest iPhone launch ever.”

Cook added that the response to its new Apple Watch innovation has exceeded expectations. “We’ve had great reception from the tech community, but we’ve also had great reception from the health and fitness community, and from people who know a lot about fashion and style – even more than I do,” he joked.

Source: M&M Global

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