23 May 2024 19:16

Mobile & Digital

Ads on the move how messaging has gone mobile

Mobile usage has become ubiquitous around the globe, and the growth in coverage is opening up media for consumers and content providers alike. Mobile devices are now constant companions in our everyday lives, and they’re becoming an integral way for brands and advertisers to reach consumers as they go about their mobile lives. Nielsen’s recent Mobile Consumer: A Global Snapshot report looks at the growth in mobile advertising, and how the reach and receptiveness to ads on smartphones is as diverse as the consumers in each market who use them.

In most markets, smartphone owners say they receive mobile ads an average of at least once a day. Indian smartphone owners say they see far fewer ads, as about 70 percent say they see mobile ads once a week or less. Smartphone owners in South Korea see mobile ads most often, as 78 percent say they receive mobile ads daily, and 95 percent say they see ads at least once a week.

So how receptive are consumers to mobile ads? It varies by market. In general, smartphone owners in developed markets are least likely to engage with mobile ads, and smartphone owners in in high-growth markets are more likely to interact. For example, 53 percent of Chinese smartphone owners surveyed say they sometimes click the ads they viewed. In contrast, Indian smartphone owners are the most receptive to location-based advertising—even though they were the least likely to receive mobile ads.

About half of the respondents in Brazil, China and the U.S. said they were OK with mobile ads if they allow them to access content for free.


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