18 Jun 2024 04:01

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Snap Inc. celebrates leading role in the GCC culture through new campaign

Telgana Ala Snap, the new GCC focused campaign illustrates why Snapchat is the region’s number one platform for staying connected

The ‘Telgana Ala Snap’ campaign which simply means ‘Find us on Snap’ celebrates the unique way the incredible and highly engaged local community in the GCC countries use Snapchat. Launching from Saudi with a brand film, Telgana Ala Snap showcases how Snapchat has become ingrained in the daily lives and social fabric of the community, fostering creativity, self-expression, and connection between friends and family.

From pioneering storytelling between friends with the Story feature, to showing how to make life’s moments, big or small, more fun and expressive with AR Lenses, Snapchat has been the centerpiece of visual communication in the region, and the world, for more than a decade. As a result, it has become the number one platform for staying connected across the GCC; in fact it is 2.3x more likely to be used for connecting with others vs. all other apps. Now, for the first time, the platform is demonstrating why it resonates so deeply with locals in the GCC through its new campaign, which tells the powerful stories of Snapchatters across the region.

The region is experiencing rapid transformational societal and cultural changes, as technology modernizes tradition and globalization fragments cultures. But what remains is the need to stay close to family and friends, which has formed the essence of Arab culture for centuries. Snapchat has become a natural, digital extension of this dynamic, offering a safe space for its users to foster close connections and real relationships, free from pressure, likes and mindless scrolling. As a result of being the go-to platform for close connections in the GCC, Snapchat has also become a unique space for brands to generate real influence in a trusted environment with friends, family and creators.

With users in GCC opening the app more than 45 times per day on average, the campaign aims to celebrate the people who call themselves Snapchatters, uncovering why the platform has formed such a special part of locals’ lives.

Speaking on the role of Snapchat within GCC culture, Hussein Freijeh, Vice President of Snap Inc. in MENA said, “Snapchat is where you’ll find the GCC community from all ages coming together online every day. From grandmas to grandchildren, people are using the platform frequently to stay-up-to-day with each other’s lives, share beautiful moments and communicate culture. If it’s happening in the GCC, you can guarantee it’s on Snapchat! For a business, this is a compelling audience proposition and the ideal environment to build brands and boost engagement. Ultimately, when people feel safe and happy, they are more receptive. Add AR into the mix, which garners 4x more attention than regular video, and you have a magical mix to drive real influence. At Snapchat, we have the tools in our hands to communicate at scale with locals across the GCC in a space that matters, and we look forward to sharing why Snapchatters choose and use our platform through the launch of our new campaign”.

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