27 May 2024 11:01

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The Saudi Ministry of Culture and Snapchat Showcase Cultural AR Experiences this Ramadan

In celebration of the holy month of Ramadan, the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Snapchat are bringing Snapchatters in the Kingdom a myriad of rich cultural experiences to enjoy with their loved ones.

Embracing the theme “انورت ليالينا” (Light Up Our Nights), this collaborative effort aims to infuse the spirit of Ramadan with innovative technology, fostering connections and celebrating traditions in new and exciting ways. Snapchatters across the Kingdom are invited to visit the on-ground activation at Al Musmak site in Riyadh and explore and engage with a series of augmented reality experiences.

1. Experience the Historic Jeddah Custom Landmarker (Bab Jadid Lens):

Step into the vibrant city of Jeddah and witness Ramadan festivities in an unconventional light with the Historic Jeddah Custom Landmarker AR Lens. As the gates of Jeddah illuminate with light and music, users are transported to a world where tradition meets modernity, creating a unique and memorable celebration of the season.

2. Test your knowledge with the Fawazeer Ramadan AR Lens:

Delve into the rich tapestry of Saudi culture and heritage with the Ramadan Fawazeer AR Lens. Offering playful and interactive experiences, Snapchatters can immerse themselves in quizzes and challenges that explore the customs and traditions associated with Ramadan. Learn, engage, and celebrate the season’s spirit like never before.

3. Take a Selfie with the Cannon AR Lens:

Capture the essence of Ramadan with the iconic Cannon AR Lens. Whether it’s announcing the commencement of iftar or marking the breaking of the fast, this immersive experience allows users to snap selfies against a cultural backdrop, creating lasting memories to cherish.

4. Discover the cultural values through the Ramadan Scenes Portal AR Lens:

Embark on a journey of discovery with the Ramadan Scenes Portal AR experience. Through immersive storytelling, Snapchatters are invited to explore the values and significance of Ramadan, gaining insights into its cultural and social importance within the Muslim society.

5. Snap a selfie at the AR mirror in Al Masmak Fortress:

Experience the spirit of Ramadan firsthand with the AR mirror located near the Al Masmak site in Riyadh. Offering a unique photo opportunity, this interactive experience invites guests to capture cherished moments with family and friends.

Through its partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Snapchat is working on covering cultural activities, events and festivals across the Kingdom to enrich visitor experience by offering diverse digital solutions and enabling them to interact with the platform’s innovative features.

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