13 Jun 2024 08:07

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OneArabia.me — MENA Region’s Latest Bilingual Web Platform Launches OneIndia.com

A leading vernacular web destination in India that attracts an impressive audience of over 200 million monthly users across its network sites, announces its strategic expansion into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region with the launch of OneArabia.me.

More than just a content hub, this innovative bilingual platform, available in both Arabic and English, is designed to cater to the cultural and interest-based needs of readers in the MENA region. The digital platform aims to bridge gaps and foster cultural exchange by providing a space for diverse voices, perspectives, and stories from across the region, encouraging dialogue and meaningful engagement.

To ensure a robust presence in the MENA market, the OneArabia project is being spearheaded by BMEG ME, a Dubai-based firm. Under the leadership of Shekhar Iyer, Director and General Manager of BMEG ME, a comprehensive go-to-market strategy is being implemented to introduce the new bilingual platform to the MENA audience.

Speaking about the launch of OneArabia, Shekhar Iyer, Director and General Manager BMEG ME stated, “OneArabia is set to redefine the digital media landscape in the MENA region. Its focus on diverse and curated content is a bold move, much like choosing courage over comfort. It’s a calculated risk, but one that we believe will pay off by making OneArabia a go-to web platform for readers.

Moreover, partnering with BMEG ME gives OneArabia a strategic edge. This partnership affords OneArabia a deeper understanding of the local market dynamics, thereby enabling us to provide advertisers with more targeted solutions. The valuable insights we derive from this association will also shape OneArabia’s future content strategy, ensuring our offerings remain relevant and engaging for the readers across the MENA region.”

Ravanan Natarajan, CEO of OneIndia, expressed his excitement and vision for this new venture, stating, “The launch of OneArabia is not just another milestone in OneIndia’s journey, but a significant leap marking our first international venture. As we step into the vibrant digital landscape of the MENA region with our partners at BMEG ME, we are driven by a vision to overcome language barriers, enhance cultural dialogue, and provide a platform that caters to adiverse range of interests. We are particularly pleased to elevate Jobo Kuruvilla to Business Head, International Markets. His over a decade of experience in vernacular digital web content will be invaluable as we continue on our growth trajectory. This platform will not only add valuefor our readers but also offer unique opportunities for advertisers.”

As part of the content strategy, OneArabia offers a rich selection of content spanning multiple sectors including Regional & International News, Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Sports,Automotive, Travel, and more. Whether you’re an Entrepreneur seeking critical insights, a TechPro keen on staying updated with the latest trends, a Travel Connoisseur looking for captivatingdestinations, or a Motorhead on the trail of the latest automotive updates, OneArabia has something for everyone.

Further enhancing the user experience, the bilingual web platform is powered by OneIndia and utilizes advanced machine learning and WISE, an in-house developed progressive generativeAI, which is being widely adopted by publishers and marketers alike. This technology allows OneArabia’s editorial team, spread across MENA and South Asia, to curate and deliver custom content that aligns with the individual preferences and interests of the diverse reader base.

Jobo Kuruvilla, OneIndia’s Business Head for International Markets, outlined a bold vision for OneArabia: “We’re not just another news portal. We’re the pacesetters. By leveraging the rich linguistic diversity of the MENA region, we’re reaching out to a broader audience with curated content in both Arabic and English. Our aim? To build an informed, engaged community. Our global footprint offers unique opportunities for advertisers, setting us apart from traditional platforms. But it’s more than just about advertising – it’s about creating a comprehensive resource that promotes meaningful engagement.

OneArabia is the latest bilingual platform in the MENA region, and we’re inviting everyone to come and explore what we have to offer. Through our platform, we’re promoting a symbiotic relationship where everyone – from users to advertisers – benefits. The key to this approach is to maintain a balance that keeps all participants content, creating a harmonious ecosystem where mutual exchange of value leads to collective engagement.”

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