24 Jun 2024 17:44

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Wellness trends influencing consumers in 2024

Brands must convey an authentic image to connect with the health-conscious shopper of today, but what are the specific trends influencing this side of consumers in 2024?

Consumers are more in touch than ever – in knowing what they want, need, and what’s good for them.

In 2024, consumers are expected to reach for products on store shelves that promote both physical and mental wellbeing.

Cleaner eating

There’s a growing focus on living healthier, and many consumers are reevaluating what’s good for them, their future, and their bodies. When it comes to cleaner eating:

67% of consumers tried to consume more protein in 2023, according to IFIC.

Plant-based consumption is also on the rise—the vegan diet is up 9% in dollar sales vs. a year ago, as new and emerging animal alternatives claim a share of the market.

30% of consumers seek low sugar when buying food and beverage, up 3 pts from a year ago. Sugar alternatives are also increasing in popularity—think stevia, agave, and monk fruit.

When consumers need a ‘boost’

Demand for energy drinks has spiked with an increase in physical activity. Brands are embracing this demand too, even national coffee chains.

As energy drink demand surges, so do the caffeine levels of these products. While there’s contention around what constitutes a safe amount of caffeine, food and beverage searches for “contains caffeine” grew 17% last year, and searches for “high caffeine” saw a 113% increase.

Consider: How can you connect with today’s health-conscious consumer through traditional grocery channels?

Cleaner conscience

Beyond food and beverage, consumers are extending this cleaner mindset to their day-to-day decision-making.

Out with the additives: clean label products are out-performing other products with an 8% increase in the last year

61% of consumers agree environmental issues are having an adverse impact on their current and future health – sustainable living is not a trend, it’s necessary for many.

Upcycled sales have grown 45% in the last year as consumers maximize value and look to reduce waste. The circular economy is also prompting many brands to upcycle wasted materials.

Consider: Consumers are actively seeking sustainable alternatives for both personal and collective prosperity. What touchpoint can we connect with consumers on greener living?

Thinking ahead

Today’s consumer is already living with health and wellness in mind, and they expect brands to step up to the plate. Over three quarters (76%) of grocery shoppers say transparency is important when making a purchase decision—they want to know the true impact of their spending behavior.

CPG manufacturers and retailers should consider questions such as:

Are there opportunities to promote health and wellness in existing product lines?

Are there new opportunities to consider? (For example, functional wellbeing is spreading fast: nootropics and adaptogens are growing in popularity at quick rates.)

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