16 Jul 2024 19:32

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Sky News Arabia Appoints Hani Abu Ayyash to Lead Newsroom

Sky News Arabia announced the appointment of Hani Abu Ayyash as Head of News, validating his success in running the channel’s newsroom over the past six months.

In his new role, Abu Ayyash will manage all content production on Sky News Arabia’s TV, website and social media platforms, as well as Sky News Arabia radio broadcasting via internet and shortwave. Based at the network’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Abu Ayyash will lead the newsroom team that is home to the best young Arab media talent, in addition to Sky News Arabia offices in 24 countries around the world.

Abu Ayyash will be responsible for implementing development plans on both levels of content and leveraging the latest media production technology. He will oversee the quality of journalistic work as well as the compliance with professional and ethical standards that Sky News Arabia has set for itself since its inception on May 6, 2012, and that enabled the network to hold a prominent position among Arab news media organizations as a trustworthy news source.

Abu Ayyash enjoys over 15 years of experience in journalism and has worked with several notable media organizations. Alongside his experience of launching and managing newsrooms for various Arabic language broadcasters; he has also worked as a reporter and television field producer for various international institutions. Abu Ayyash started his career in media training. He holds a bachelor’s degree in radio and television journalism from Birzeit University in Palestine.

The announcement coincides with Sky News Arabia’s plans to expand its operations and step up production with the aim of becoming the most widespread and influential Arab news platform, and providing information to the Arab public with the utmost accuracy, speed and professionalism.

The channel is committed to attracting young talent and building new studios in line with the highest technology standards in the field of media production.

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