12 Jul 2024 22:15

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China Media Group and CATV sign “China Theater” Broadcasting Agreement in Dubai

China Media Group and China Arab TV (CATV) held a ceremony to sign the China Theater Broadcasting Agreement in Dubai. 

According to the cooperation agreement, popular Chinese TV series Ode to Joy, Beijing Youth, Jin Tailang’s Happy Life dubbed in Arabic by China Media Group will be broadcasted in the Dubai-based CATV. 

Wang Xiaohui, Deputy head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Executive vice director of the Policy Research Office of CPC Central Committee and Head of the China Film Bureau and Senior Media Advisor Ollier Kafaya were present at the event and unveiled the launch ceremony. Li Lingbing, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai, Sun Yusheng, Vice president of China Central Television (CCTV), Ossama Taleb Morra, CATV Senior Consultant, the press from both China and the UAE as well as about a hundred guests also joined this event.

Li Lingbing, Sun Yusheng, and Ossama Taleb Morra addressed the event. 

Li Lingbing said in her speech that the successful launch of popular Chinese films and TV series in Dubai will help foster the mutual understanding of each other’s culture and deepen the friendship between two peoples. She sincerely hopes that Arab friends could see that China is more open with an international vision and stands ready to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in a win-win spirit and create a better future with countries along the Silk and Road.

“China-UAE strategic partnership is deepening. The media from China and the UAE cooperate to launch the China Theater and broadcast popular Chinese films and TV series dubbed in Arabic. This move meets the demand of the era and plays a positive role in deepening the mutual understanding and communication of the two people,” said Sun Yusheng in his remarks.

Ossama Taleb Morra said in his speech that the cooperation between CATV and Central Radio and Television Station will allow people in the UAE and other Middle-east countries to enjoy the popular TV programs in China, which will also help narrow the gap between the two. He also said the Chinese TV programs have become increasingly popular in Arab countries, and Arab people welcome Chinese culture to enter each and every household in the UAE and hope the joint efforts could produce fruitful outcomes.

“China Theater” is a broadcasting brand created by Central Radio and Television Station that cooperates with the national television stations or mainstream media in overseas countries to broadcast popular Chinese TV series and movies dubbed in foreign languages at fixed time in those countries. 

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