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Sky News Arabia Launches Specialized Radio Segments on 90.3 FM”

Sky News Arabia has launched a variety of news bulletins on its radio service 90.3 FM in the UAE. The step comes as part of the network’s efforts to enhance its offerings on TV, online, social media, and smart mobile and tablet applications. 

Commenting on the new offering, Nart Bouran, Head of Sky News Arabia, said: “In addition to rebroadcasting some TV programs on our radio station, we have developed specialized radio segments to be broadcast during peak times. The high listenership hours are generally between 6-9am, 2-4pm, and 6-8pm.” 

He added: “According to statistics by Ipsos, 67% of the total radio audience in the UAE are Arab listeners who are looking for a serious and enriching radio experience. We can definitely draw on from our network of bureaus and reporters in 30 countries while focusing on delivering customized bundles for the UAE audience as our radio station primarily targets local listeners unlike other Arab radio stations that target all Arab audiences worldwide.’  

Bouran further explained: “Our new collection of radio programs went on air as of 1 November 2015. Our content-development plan includes live news segments and political programs. These segments host a larger number of local and international analysts, experts and decision makers in the political, economic, sports and social fields. We also cover breaking news, while our economic news segments follow the opening and closing of stock exchanges and provide expert market watch and analyses throughout the day.”

“It is our aim to keep our social media followers constantly informed of latest news and developments. To add value to our bulletins, we offer special focus on sports through segments that discuss the world of sports, players, international leagues, and special reports. In addition, we inform our listeners about local and international weather forecasts, with daily traffic segments about the situation on the main roads and highways in the UAE,” he added. 

Sky News Arabia also broadcasts news bulletins on sister radio stations in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon, in addition to streaming live updates via its website and smart applications and platforms. 

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