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Radio Mango 96.2 FM, Dubai creates path breaking innovation

Radio Mango 96.2 FM, Dubai has developed a path breaking innovation for its outdoor campaign in Dubai.

While one is driving along the Ithihad Road, Sharjah – Dubai highway on the way to the city, you will see a hoarding telling one exactly how much time they would take to reach the Burj Khalifa, in songs!

Based on the amount of traffic on the roads, the hoarding will show the number of songs one is away from reach the Burj Khalifa. If there is a gridlock, it may take one 12 to 15 songs, and if the traffic is light, it might take one 4 to 5 songs. The LED for measuring songs will automatically change according to the level of traffic.

This is a first of its kind innovation attempted by any radio station in Dubai, and gives the old fashioned distance marker a brand new twist in terms of distances by song. So sit back, tune in and enjoy the music all the way to your destination!

Radio Mango, Kerala’s number 1 FM network has launched its fifth station, this time in the UAE. It will operate on the frequency of 96.2 FM and will be available across the UAE.

The programming will closely resemble the hugely successful format in Kerala, which has won numerous awards on international and national platforms. 

Among the highlights will be news and specials provided to them exclusively by Kerala’s news giant, Malayala Manorama’s newspaper, TV and Online divisions.

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