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Unleashing the power of radio right up to purchase

It’s a well-told tale, just how intertwined with digital media Australians have become. Consumers are connected more than ever and this is showing no signs of slowing. But there’s more – they’re listening to radio, too. Commercial radio listeners are hi-tech, ‘connected’ and heavy users of all things online and mobile. And, they love to shop online! This link is important as it highlights one of radio’s most lucrative features: its ability to reach a highly qualified audience in the lead up to purchase.

Radio consumers are spend-ready. Three in five (59%) commercial radio listeners have made a purchase online in the past 30 days; and almost a quarter (23%) is spending in excess of $300 online every month!

Clothing, airline tickets and accommodation make up the top-three items purchased online by commercial radio listeners in the past 30 days – 23%, 20% and 17%, respectively.

Mobile connectivity is an important part of the purchase process. Radio listeners are avid mobile users. 94% of commercial radio listeners have a mobile phone, and 75% of those have a Smartphone (up from 65% in 2012).

While out and about commercial radio listeners are using their mobile devices to find their way (literally with map applications), pass the time and importantly for retailers, search information on brands and products. A challenge for brands and retailers over time will be how to manage and take advantage of the latter.

Radio provides myriad touch points at opportune times for retailers and manufacturers to reach their consumers.


Commercial radio listeners are connected consumers. More than four in five (83%) access the internet at least once (up from 59% in 2012) per day and 62% access several times per day.

58% of commercial radio listeners searched online for information on a product in the past 30 days

More than a third (34%)of commercial radio listeners searched for information on a company 

60% of commercial radio listeners compare prices online before they buy

Just under half (45%) of commercial radio listeners use the Internet to plan their shopping

59% of listeners have made a purchase online in the past 30 days – the range of spend conducted online is wide – 34% of commercial radio listeners spend less than $300 per month, and 23% over $300

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