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Sony Leads High-Resolution Audio Revolution in UAE

Sony, one of the first to make High-Resolution Audio products available to consumers, today launched a wide range of hi-res devices including Walkman®, headphones, portable amplifiers and digital stereo recorders aiming to bring audiophiles closer to the spirit and soul of the artist’s actual performance – just as they’d hear it on stage or in a recording studio. 

With seven times more data compared to a CD source, High-Resolution Audio captures the finest nuance of each note. Artists usually record their albums in Hi-Res (24 bit/96kHz) in the studio and, once mixed, the tracks are compressed for CD and music download (16 bit/44.1kHz). With studio quality sound delivered by High-Resolution Audio products, listeners are now closer to the original recording.

“For those passionate about music, Sony’s High-Resolution Audio products truly raise the bar,” said Satoru Arai, Head, Sony Middle East Marketing Company. “With the introduction of High-Resolution Audio, music lovers no longer have to choose between audio quality and portability – they can finally listen to their music library on-the-go, in the quality that the artist intended.”

Sony High-Resolution Audio product range

Sony’s new range of Hi-Res Audio products includes the beautifully styled Walkman®NW-ZX2 that features a host of meticulous design refinements ensuring excellent audio quality. The Walkman® NW-A15 is the world’s smallest and lightest High-Res Audio digital music player that brings true audiophile credentials to portable high-resolution audio players. The headband-type MDR-Z7 features a newly-developed 70mm HD driver unit that completely envelopes the listener’s ear, revealing every musical nuance with startling integrity – from powerful sub-bass lows to crystalline highs. The MDR-1A headphones utilize 40mm HD driver units, which render incredibly wide bandwidth audio performance, from low to ultra-high up to 100 kHz frequency. This level of quality produces atmospheric musical nuances that are characteristic of High-Resolution audio. Audiophiles can enhance audio quality with the compact PHA-1A and PHA-3 Portable Headphone Amplifiers, by connecting a compatible digital music device or smartphones via USB input to enjoy hi-res audio playback on-the-go. The premium 2.1 channel, WiFi-enabled SRS-X9 wireless speaker features an impressive 154W of music output power, a bi-amped subwoofer, and dual passive radiators to deliver powerful, full-range audio with amazing tonal balance and precise bass response. Sony’s PCM-D100 portable stereo recorder is designed to deliver the highest sound quality in professional audio applications including live music events or theatrical performances. 

Sony’s Key Hi-Res Audio technologies

The higher sound quality is achieved by applying unique audio technologies such as the DSEE HX™ technology, which is used to upscale the quality of compressed digital files (MP3, AAC, and WMA) to surpass CD resolution, nearing High Resolution quality. The S-Master™ HX digital amplifier reduces distortion and noise while reproducing wide frequency response for a clearer acoustic experience.  Sony’s new technology LDAC™ (low latency codec) enables users to enjoy high quality wireless audio via Bluetooth®. With three times the data transmitted, LDAC provides an enhanced wireless listening experience. 

Hi-Res Audio content availability

With high-resolution audio hardware now available, Sony’s next step is to make Hi-Res Audio music readily available. There is growing catalogue of Hi-Res music already with over 300,000 songs available. For the UAE, Sony has partnered with Sony Music Entertainment allowing audiophiles to download Hi-Res Audio tracks when they purchase select Sony Hi-Res Audio products. 

The entire line-up of Sony Hi-Res Audio devices is currently available at the Sony Boutique at Dubai Mall, select Jumbo showrooms and other select electronics’ retailers across the UAE.

*The portable headphone amplifier PHA-1A will be available in the UAE by end-April 2015.

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