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Create Production Elevates Dubai’s Soundscape with musical group WYWY in “Sounds of the City” Series

Create Production, in collaboration with the Department of Economy & Tourism (DET) and experimental music duo WYWY, proudly announces the successful completion of a groundbreaking project for Visit Dubai’s esteemed “Sounds of the City” series.

This innovative collaboration aimed to create a musical and visual masterpiece that would showcase Dubai as a premier entertainment destination.

Create Production addressed the challenge posed by the brief by delving into unexplored territories. The team’s mission was twofold – find a unique indoor location in Dubai and pair it with a local band whose music would seamlessly complement the venue’s ambiance. The search led to the discovery of WYWY and the extraordinary Aya Universe.

The creative vision was to marry WYWY’s dreamlike musical quality with Aya Universe’s otherworldly atmosphere. Comprising the talented musician couple X and Mckie Alvarez, WYWY is renowned for its psychedelic sound and experimental style, making significant contributions to the indie music scene in the UAE.

The collaboration pushed creative boundaries by experimenting with visual and editing styles to harmonize with the ethereal nature of WYWY’s music and the mystical ambiance of Aya Universe. The use of anamorphic lenses elevated the production to achieve a pure cinematic look.

This synergy between visual elements and music resulted in an episode that defies convention, offering a truly unique addition to the “Sounds of the City” series. The success of this project not only reinforces Dubai’s standing as an entertainment destination but also highlights Create Production’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering unparalleled content.


Head of Production: Shona Royston

Producer: Mohammad Ashraf

Director: Dia Hassan

Director of Photography: Aaron Laforteza

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