26 May 2024 09:07

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White Water PR to lead with ‘AI, Blockchain and eCommerce’ Practice

Agency’s new ‘ABC Practice’ is one of the first globally that combines the three defining forces of the future

White Water PR, a Dubai headquartered communications consultancy firm has decided to take the lead within the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and eCommerce space by launching its new ‘ABC Practice’.  The agency is one of the firstglobally to have combined these three promising industries into one single practice. The Middle East region has been bullish on the technology front lately, and a heavy influx of investment and growth is expected to occur in the coming years. The agency will aim to provide comprehensive support to its clients operating within these industries.

“Bitcoin is a hot topic of discussion in any conference room and people are keeping a close watch on its rise and fall and on the other hand people are also talking about Blockchain technologies. However, very few people thoroughly understand these new concepts. If you go further, then you have ‘eCommerce’, ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Big Data’. All these futuristic technologies will be seamlessly integrated eventually to catapult several vertical industries to a completely new level. Blockchain technology is not meant forjust cryptocurrencies, but also healthcare, supply-chain, energy, finance and infrastructure among several other industries. Our role as communications consultants would be to demystify the concepts and take the message across to a wider audience.”

According to Deloitte 10% of global GDP will be built on Blockchain applications by 2025. Though it is in its infancy phase the Blockchain market is expected to be an US$8 billion market by 2024.

“If there is any technology that is close to understanding the human brain then that is AI and with the right approach, it will play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of GCC economies. Ever since UAE became the first ever country to appoint a Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence and Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia, the AI landscape has gone to a totally different level. AI has gone viral and it is also estimated that by 2018, two-thirds of Forbes Global 2000 CEOs will make digital transformation a cornerstone of their corporate strategies,” stated Prem.

The eCommerce market in the Middle East is also set to double to more than $69bn by 2020. This region is all set to outgrow past predictions with UAE’s US$27 billion and Saudi Arabia’s US$22 billion market size fuelled by one of the world’s highest social media penetration rates.

“The eCommerce industry has changed forever since the day when basic necessities such as food and groceries have come online. Due to the paucity of time,consumer footfalls on the online space isincreasing at an exponential pace and thereby propelling the eCommerce industry towards a different trajectory altogether. AI framework will be increasingly deployed to create multi-layer data on every online customer, based on their past and current buying patterns, and almost accurate prediction of future behaviour. There are several technology companies that are entering this space especially eCommerce, but are not able to reach-out to their potential customers. As a consultancy, we aim to further simplify the concepts and support the needs of these industry stakeholders,” concluded Prem.

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