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J. Walter Thompson and Getty Images launch Glass, a pop-up magazine

Glass, a pop-up magazine with a new take on womanhood,was launched at New York’s Advertising Week.

The magazine has been created by J. Walter Thompson in partnership with Getty Images and its launch will coincide with a panel debate hosted by J. Walter Thompson exploring the current and future passions, motivations, aspirations, and behaviors of women.

Glass tackles these themes by taking on the look and feel of one of the key cultural mediums in women’s lives – a glossy magazine – and evolving it with a more diverse and future-facing spin.

The magazine includes exclusive essays from thought leaders, including:

• Thinx’s Miki Agrawal

• Bestselling author Rebecca Traister

• The Front’s Thalia Mavros

• Relationship expert Esther Perel

• Agender writer and activist Tyler Ford

• J. Walter Thompson’s Worldwide CEO Tamara Ingram

• Getty Images’ CEO Dawn Airey

Glass is a timely response to the fast-changing lives, tastes and lifestyles of women today and the conversation around what this will mean for brands, advertisers and businesses.

Glass is entirely informed by insight and trends from J. Walter Thompson’s Innovation Group and data from J. Walter Thompson’s Women’s Index – a global survey of more than 4500 women conducted in nine countries. The content is supported by visual thought leadership and imagery curated from Getty Images.

“Women can be great brand advocates when they feel empowered, but they are also becoming more outspoken around brands that don’t engage them in the way they wish to be treated. Marketers will need to understand this shifting landscape if they’re to entice what is, in essence, the most powerful consumer market globally,” said Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group.

Pam Grossman, Director of Visual Trends at Getty Images added: “As visual communicators, we know that images have the power to ignite change. Many representations of gender in the media and in advertising seem outdated, clichéd and inauthentic. Women have moved beyond stereotypes but the industries around them haven’t necessarily caught up yet. We are excited to help forward the conversation with a magazine that so dynamically reflects the vitality, variation, and limitless imagination we’re seeing in women’s lives today.”

Glass is the first half of a two-part project by the Innovation Group. The second half, “Women, Next,” is an insight report based on extensive research aimed at brands and businesses, offering an in-depth look at cultural, economic, and behavioral changes among women globally. The full report will be available in early October, 2016.

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