22 Jul 2024 03:20

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Original Arabic drama ‘Forgetfulness’ starring Cyrine Abdel Nour to stream on Prime Video from July 12th

The highly anticipated suspense drama series produced by Mohamed Mashish also features well-acclaimed actors Qays Sheikh Najeeb, Nada Abu Farhat, and Yorgo Chalhoub

‘Forgetfulness,’ the highly anticipated original Arabic series from Rise Studios, will be available to stream worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on July 12th. Starring acclaimed regional actors Cyrine Abdel Nour, Qays Sheikh Najeeb, Nada Abu Farhat, and Yorgo Chalhoub, this home-grown show from Blue-Bee Productions explores the harrowing saga of a family torn apart by the disappearance of their children amidst the unrest in Lebanon and Syria.

Directed by Alfouz Tanjour, the series captivates with its powerful storytelling and emotional richness, delving into the complexities of life after tragedy. Produced by industry veteran Mohamed Mashish, known for his visionary work on ‘Grand Hotel,’ ‘Wannous,’ and ‘Haza Al Masaa,’ the 15-part series showcases the brilliance of regional talents, including the incredibly talented young actors Jane Soukaryeh, Omar Tarkhoun, and Joelle Abou Joudeh, whose performances bring a remarkable depth and authenticity to their roles.

“We are very proud of ‘Forgetfulness,’ a prime example of successfully bringing together top-tier regional talent and high-quality production to address the demand of audiences for original Arabic content. The series is poised to be a groundbreaking addition to the Arabic entertainment landscape, pushing the boundaries of storytelling,” said Amanda Turnbull, CEO and Co-Founder, Rise Studios.

Crafted by writer Shadi Kiwan, the screenplay challenges perceptions of reality as parents Mia and Hazem confront secrets that test their courage and endurance. Cyrine Abdel Nour delivers a riveting performance as Mia, a mother grappling with the unimaginable loss of her children. Her portrayal is marked by emotional intensity and vulnerability, showcasing her exceptional range as an actress. Qays Sheikh Najeeb’s performance as Hazem, a father tormented by guilt and desperation, is equally compelling, portraying the deep internal conflict his character feels. Nada Abu Farhat also shines in her role as Elissar, bringing a powerful presence and nuanced performance that adds layers of complexity to the series.

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