UAE’s first official event organisation app launches in Dubai

Einvite, an app created by UAE-based company Nomadic Capital Limited, will be ready to launch in the country, just in time for Ramadan. 

Einvite is an all-in-one smart phone app aimed to help users create events, send out invitations to a customized guest list and most importantly, collect the expenses for the event through an online payment portal. This app can be used for anything from a house party to purchasing of a gift for a friend, which requires fare split of the cost among friends.

“We’re thrilled to create such an intelligent application,” explained Nomadic Co-Founder Ziad Ghosn. “Dubai is a fast-moving city that thrives off events that occur daily – be it a conference or Iftar get together, Einvite saves people the stress of hosting and managing events the old-school way.”

Currently available specifically for iOS users, the free app simplifies the event organization process by breaking it down into a series of simple steps. The host needs to download the app and enter card details which will be used for all future payments. The host must then, create an event by inputting a few more details such as the event name, type, description, date and time, location (via Google maps) and participation fee (if any). Participants can be invited to an event through the app itself or can be sent an SMS by the host, with a download link to the app. The host can also chat with guests through an internal chat feature.

Einvite is a handy tool, ideal for all types of events such as meet ups, outings, home parties, travel tours, boat rentals etc. Set to launch just in time for Ramadan, the app is perfect for users to organize Iftars and Suhoors and will be available online in the App store. 

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