What is the state of mobile travel?

Online may not be the new destination of choice for travel-minded people. That according to a new infographic out from AppLift. According to their conclusions mobile is the place more travelers go first when planning a trip.

Did you go to a travel store to book your last trip? Or an online venue? If you’re like a growing number of Americans your first stop was neither a physical or online store – but a mobile one. That according to a new infographic released by AppLift and Priori Data which indicates nearly half (47%) of travelers began their last trip on a mobile device.

Some interesting takeaways from the infographic include:

•There are 61,000 travel-based apps in the Apple Store and 64,000 in the Android store

•The Cost of Acquisition rate for travel apps (US) is $3 (Apple) and $2.50 (Android)

•The CoA in the UK is $1.70 (Apple) and $1.50 (Android)

•In France the CoA is $1.50 (Apple) and $1.20 (Android)

The research also shows that while traveling most of these tourists are checking in on their social networks at least daily (72%).

Meanwhile, Experian Marketing Services has identified the most-used travel websites for US consumers – leading the pack are Google Maps, which are used by about 21% of consumers. TripAdvisor, MapQuest, Southwest Airlines and Expedia round out the top 5 and all have a less than 5% share across PC and mobile-but-non-app screens.

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