Are you an app-nesiac?

How many apps have you installed that you later forget about? Brits forget about one in five apps they have downloaded and installed, according to new behavioral research from Google.

Research into the behavior of 1,200 app users in the UK, conducted by Ipsos, found that, among three categories of app – shopping, dining and travel – around 1 in 5 apps are installed and then forgotten.

Google found that while many apps are installed and never used, apps are the preferred source when consumers want information quickly (47%) compared with a mobile site (17%). However when consumers want more in-depth information, they are more likely to turn to a mobile site (49%).

Overall, apps are seen as being the quicker and easier route for information:

• 50% prefer an app for easy and quick navigation; 31% prefer a mobile website;

• 46% believe an app is quicker to load; 29% say a mobile site is quicker;

• In terms of ease of use, 51% prefer installed apps because logins are pre-entered.

But what motivates an app download? According to the research, dining apps were mostly downloaded to take advantage of discounts and rewards. Travel apps were downloaded following a recommendation and shopping apps were mostly downloaded by those who have regular interaction with the brand.

“A great app encourages brand interaction, is easy to navigate and is quick to load. But as our research shows, this won’t necessarily guarantee that customers will keep coming back. For successful ongoing app engagement, businesses can use push notifications, ensure apps appear in organic search results and link search ads and results to relevant pages in apps,” says Max Macintosh, Agency Head, Google UK. “Of course an app is a complement to, and not a substitute for, an optimized mobile site. When users want to compare options, gather information or go into greater depth, a mobile website comes into its own and should remain a top priority.”

Source: BizReport

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