3 Mobile approaches to use in 2015

Mobile advertising is coming into its own, according to several experts. While mobile consumers have led the way to date, one expert believes 2015 will be the time advertisers begin to catch up, thanks to better targeting and analytic options.

“Mobile has gone from an alternative source for engaging with customers to a critical component of business success,” said Greg Garrick, vice president of Mobile Marketing at UpSnap. “Companies that understand what’s on the horizon can plan accordingly to ensure they’re leveraging this channel in the right ways to drive traffic and sales.”

According to Garrick and UpSnap there are three mobile approaches online brands need to be aware of – and ready to use – as we approach 2015.

First, location.

“Location accuracy will be more of a priority for marketers in 2015. It pays to reach consumers based and where they are and their proximity/need for a business or service, so marketers should embrace the power of location to extend the power of their mobile advertising campaigns,” write the company.

Second, measurement. As desktop ad-based click-thru rates become less relevant, marketers need to be more attuned to what traffic, clicks, time on-site and other measurement tactics really mean. Not only do brands need to adjust what they’re measuring but they need to embrace the fact that desktop and mobile ad strategies are separate.

Third, programmatic. According to Garrick and UpSnap programmatic ad buys are beginning to outpace more traditional buying options in the mobile space. While most mobile brands are still buying ads manually and according to site, in 2015 they will begin using programmatic approaches to better control spending.

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