22 Jul 2024 03:38

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FreakOut and Mobile Action announce strategic alliance

Poised to deliver app marketing optimization to agencies and developers worldwide

FreakOut, the global marketing technology company, part of FreakOut Holdings [TSE:6094], has announced a strategic alliance with Mobile Action, a San Francisco-based App Store Optimization [ASO] and Mobile App Intelligence platform, that specializes in app marketing for brand marketers.

Through this tactical partnership, FreakOut is set to deliver an advanced search optimization solution powered by “SearchAds.com”, an Apple Search Ads dashboard, as well as comprehensive market intelligence to app marketers, developers and agencies around the globe. To underpin its ASO capability, Mobile Action possesses application market data of 65 countries worldwide, and is used in more than 160,000 applications including world-leading enterprises such as adidas, eBay, Groupon, Hilton, Macy’s, Playtika, Reuters, Yahoo!, Zynga, etc.

According to Apple, 70% of app discovery comes from searches and therefore premium positioning in search results can greatly improve an app’s “discoverability” which is the #1 download generating factor. ASO helps to bring in organic traffic of users who display a higher retention rate. ASO also provides the most long lasting and steady growth trajectory for an app’s business by increasing rankings gradually.

As a result of this alliance, FreakOut makes its foray into the field of app search advertising and gets exclusive rights to deliver “SearchAds.com” to its clients. Both companies have a shared vision to empower app marketers and agencies with optimal ways to improve their ASO strategies, by offering AI-based real-time bid optimization technology and mobile app analytics intelligence which allows clients to quickly analyze their competitor’s paid ad campaigns on different ad networks.

Yuzuru Honda, Founder & Global CEO – FreakOut Holdings, Inc., commented:

“We are excited to be partnering with Mobile Action to make their platform available to our clients in Asia. With the full resources of both FreakOut and Mobile Action, we enhance each other’s business and continue adding value to our clients.”

Both players have strengthened their respective platforms by aligning complementary technology and are now able to provide comprehensive support to application companies targeting global expansion. As a result of this partnership, FreakOut gains access to UK, US and Canada markets, while Mobile Action can leverage FreakOut’s APAC network. Furthermore, FreakOut’s established inbound and outbound cross border business that are specifically focused on app and gaming markets like Japan, South Korea, Russia and China will be further strengthened by the capabilities that SearchAds.com brings onboard.

Narayan Murthy Ivaturi, Chief Operating Officer – FreakOut Adtech Business, said:

“There are a suite of strengths including people, products, capabilities, etc. that both Mobile Action and FreakOut bring to the table in this mutually beneficial alliance. There are also a host of business areas where we can tactically synergize. This is a very exciting time for both our companies. Together we aim to take things to the next level in this fast moving digital advertising industry, and support the rapid globalization of application companies.”

Aykut Karaalioglu, Founder and CEO – Mobile Action, added:“ APAC region is of a great importance to us. We have been analyzing what’s the best strategy to execute and during that time we came across FreakOut. That’s the best company in the region to partner with. We are already helping SMB to Enterprise all over North America and Europe. Now, with new offering such as SearchAds.com |Apple Search Ads automation and management platform, it will be key solution for acquiring new users. My team and I are super excited to work with FreakOut’s talented team members.”

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