22 Jul 2024 02:43

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Empowering Customers Online Shopping Experience

Ship2you started as an Idea to transform the cross border online shopping with the focus on the consumer, traditionally the cross border shopping was facilitated by logistics companies, as a sub product of an existing logistics setup like Aramex shopandship product leading the way, or mail forwarding companies based out of the US who evolved to serve the eCommerce industry.

“From personal experience and research, we identified a gap in that segment as the service was limited to a forwarding address where the user ships his items and then it gets forwarded to his address in the receiving country.” Said the General manager of Ship2You, Rafat Al Zourgan.

The main questions Ship2You focuses on are:

How to enrich a customers life’s?

How to help save money on behalf of the customers

How to create a seamless experience for the user?

With a mission of enriching the users experience and a slogan of “Your Shopping Partner” Ship2You embarked on a journey to add on the current available services with added value services such as consolidation, removal of original packaging, and on developing a seamless online experience on their platform to help the customers.

Ship2You decided to proceed with a non-asset technology based model to reinvent the wheel sort of speaking and to get the best service possible to the user at best possible price and pass the savings to the user.

On the other end of the spectrum Ship2You wants its customers to benefit from the cash back and discounts that can be acquired from big online retailers such as Amazon, so they introduced cash back loyalty programs and when a user shops through their Virtual Market Place, they get additional discount and benefit by getting cash back into their account which can redeemed and used for Ship2You shipping payments and purchasing items from its market place.

Ship2You couldn’t ignore the increasing usage of mobiles so they created a mobile app to further enhance the experience of the users across all platforms.

“Going forward we will be expanding our market place capabilities with a vision of having the biggest Virtual Market Place offering unlimited amount of products that customer can choose from and get them the best price possible.” Added Rafat Al Zourgan.

At the moment Ship2You operates from China and USA where users can buy products directly and ship to their locations, and are opening European Markets in Q1 2017 starting with the UK market to cover all major shopping centres in the world to further enhance the consumers accessibility to Global Markets and product variety.

On the B2B level Ship2You is empowering SMEs and supporting eCommerce start-ups enabling them to expand their businesses globally.

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