27 May 2024 11:26

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1 Billion Followers Summit brings content creators together

The summit promises ‘More Connections’, ‘More Followers’, and ‘More Potential’ through the three pillars of the theme

A rich and diverse programming featuring sessions, talks, beginner and expert level workshops, and networking to create maximum value for the global creator community

1 Billion Followers Summit, the world’s premier gathering of content creation and creators, has unveiled a compelling theme, “Get Connected,” for its second edition, embodying the summit’s profound objectives — to furnish a dynamic platform where content creators, social media luminaries, self-starters, and creative industry players converge to exchange insights, foster collaborations, and drive positive impact.

Set to take place on January 10-11, 2024, at Emirates Towers and Museum of the Future, the 1 Billion Followers Summit, organized by the New Media Academy, aspires to amplify the resonance of digital content and new media, serving as a catalyst for positive social influence, boosting the creative economy, and propelling ambitious development agendas regionally and on a global scale.

Three pillars to support the summit’s pioneering vision to bolster the creator economy

The summit promises to bring ‘More Connections’, ‘More Followers’, and ‘More Potential’ in its second edition, which will guide its mission to empower content creators, and reach more than one billion individuals worldwide through purposeful and resonant messages. Early registration is now open on the website: https://1billionsummit.com/

Through a multifaceted programme featuring a diverse array of events and activities, the summit will showcase the talents and insights of leading content creators, underscoring the transformative potential of creative minds and visionary creators in crafting content that not only captivates but also unites individuals around meaningful aspirations and noble messages, serving the present and future of nations in the region and beyond.

Get Connected is not just a theme, it’s our purpose

Alia Al Hammadi, CEO of the New Media Academy, shared, “We believe in the limitless potential of the communication and content industry to reach new heights of development, catalyzing positive societal change. And that is why, for the upcoming edition, ‘Get Connected’ is not just a theme; it’s our purpose, and an open invitation for all participants to harness the summit’s abundant resources.”

Al Hammadi added “Our collective potential grows when we make the right connections, and the 1 Billion Followers Summit wants to bring the two together, by allowing creators meaningful opportunities to connect, unite and discover the abundant and untapped potential that the creator economy holds.”

“We aim to engage with more than a billion followers across various social media platforms, fostering innovative pathways for collaboration and dialogue among stakeholders in the digital content and new media industry. We aspire to elevate the skills of emerging content creators, amplifying the creator economy’s scale, projected to surpass half a trillion dollars by 2027.”

AlHammadi underscored the summit’s alignment with the “UAE’s National Strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries,” which sets forth an ambitious goal to elevate the contribution of these sectors to the GDP, targeting a significant increase to 5% by the year 2031. “The creator economy has substantial growth potential and limitless opportunities, awaiting a platform to unify visions and invest in untapped potentials. The 1 Billion Followers Summit aspires to be that catalytic platform.” she stated.

The debut edition sets the stage for an even more impactful round

This year’s summit will build upon the success of its first edition, which featured 75+ speakers, 6,500+ attendees, and 40+ sessions and workshops. The 2024 edition is expected to go even bigger and better, hosting 100+ speakers in 50+ expert-led sessions and workshops, and 7,000+ attendees, including 3,000 content creators, influencers and creatives from all around the globe.

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