24 Jun 2024 18:29

Global Out of Home

WOO Global Congress Hong Kong – Top Huawei executive Jas Cai on how OOH media can enhance the consumer’s mindset

Jas Cai, Media Director, Chief Expert of Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) MKT Procurement, will discuss how OOH media enhance the consumer’s mind-set.

Jas has over 18 years’ experience in the advertising media industry, starting her career in Publics and working her way up to Investment Director of WPP before joining the client side about ten years ago. Her experience spans Mainland China, ASEAN, US, EU, MEA and APAC regions serving P&G, Volkswagen, Carlsberg and others. Jas joined Huawei in 2017, and is in charge of global buying strategy.

She will outline Huawei’s long-term view of the market and emphasis on sustained brand recognition, demonstrate how OOH media play a key role in building brand equity and discuss Huawei’s holistic strategy of targeting the whole consumer mind-set.

WOO President Tom Goddard says: “We are delighted to welcome Jas to our Hong Kong Global Congress. Understanding the perspective of the client community is an important priority for the OOH industry and her immense experience across agencies and advertisers in the APAC region will provide us with invaluable insights and ideas.”

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