14 Jun 2024 23:09

Experiential Marketing

MENA Speakers announce the winner for the Largest Speakers’ Contest in the Arab World

KnoWho Market, a platform that connects corporations and organizations with experts and speakers, has announced the winner on 5th May 2018. 

The winner; Sara Shatta is an Egyptian Life Coach and and UAE based motivational speaker.  She Co-Founded AIBE (Association of Investment, Business, and Economics) in 2012, her passion is to change people’s lives and help them discover their happy thoughts and passion.

Over 600 contestants have signed up since the contest started. The top 10 finalists were from all over the Middle East across the ages and nationalities, a testament of the beautiful diversity prevalent in this region. 

MENA Speaks is a competition that has been launched by KnoWho Market and it aims at uncovering the next superstar-speaker of the Middle East. For this competition, participants were asked to share their knowledge and story to the world. Participants were welcomed to register in the first round until the 20th of April when the top 10 of the competition have been under review by an esteemed jury of professional speakers and influencers. The jury consists of Saana Azzam, Omar Al Busaidy, Khalid AlQoud and other know profiles from the global speaker’s community. The second round of the competition started from 25th of April to 5th of May when the contest announced the winner. 

“We are pleased to announce the winner for KnoWho Market. Our aim was to hear human stories from all walks of life, that will inspire others to become better or do better. MENA Speaks would like to give all the inspiring speakers a platform to get recognised for their talent and to encourage them to keep spreading their positive message to the world,” said Saana Azzam, the Founder and Managing Director of MENA Speakers.

As we are in the year of Zayed and the year of giving, the main partner, MENA Speakers, leading speakers’ bureau in the Middle East came up with this initiative for free for the community to tell a story about giving back and how all of us can give back to the community and uplift people spirits through storytelling and knowledge sharing. MENA Speakers is offering the winner of the competition professional coaching and exclusive representation by the agency.

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