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HP Showcases Innovative Solutions and Applications for the Design

For the 4th consecutive year, HP Inc. is participating at INDEX Exhibition – Dubai. HP will be showcasing innovative technology that has revolutionised the interior design industry by offering a new and simplified process of design delivery. Partnering with local and international designers, HP demonstrates various innovative design applications printed with their unique HP latex technology.

Using the HP Sprout Pro, interior designers are now able to simply apply their unique designs to 3D renders to visualize their final creation before sending it off to print on HP’s latex technology. The outcome of these designs can be printed with the right sizes directly from the HP Sprout Pro and applied to walls, floors, furniture, as well as a range of other appliances. The HP Sprout Pro will soon be available for customers in the Middle East.

Ernest Azzam, Regional Business Manager, Large Format Printing Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa HP Inc. stated: “With the design market expected to reach $36 billion in 2019 in the UAE alone, designers and architects are constantly on the lookout for advances in this industry which can support their designs in an efficient manner. Innovation is a key factor considered by designers when purchasing tools and technology for their work. As global leaders in technology, we understand the other key elements that are also important for designers including cost and time efficiency, products that are safe and environmentally friendly, and most importantly, high quality outcomes. HP latex technology was designed to address all these needs and to provide designers with an all-in- one solution, which is capable of providing their clients with a more personalized feel and the flexibility to try out different themes and tastes.”

With the surge in interior design spending within the GCC – estimated value is equivalent to almost $18 billion a year, HP’s innovative design solutions are targeted towards a range of industries including hospitality, healthcare, interior living, as well as offices, restaurants, universities and retail stores.

Interior designer using HP’s design solutions, Annette Taylor-Anderson from ATA Designs said: “In the design industry, quality is crucial, and so it’s the first factor I considered when I was introduced to HP’s latex technology. The quality is significantly high, and the lower cost associated with the entire process provides us with the ability to dedicate more time in creating and experimenting with different designs, leading to unique outcomes. Today, there is an increase in the demand for more innovative solutions in the design industry to meet the growing needs of our customers, and the HP latex technology was able to fill a gap that was limiting interior designers from propelling in designing due to high costs and other factors.”

Interior designer using HP’s design solution, Katja Behre from Elli Popp said: “HP’s latex technology hasn’t only broadened the creative space for designers, but it’s also allowed us to experiment with new and varied materials. The eco leather in specific has captured my attention, as the outcome feels like genuine leather expect it’s not. Being a vegan, the values I hold strong to mean that I avoid working with genuine leather which aids in animal suffering. HP’s latex technology introduced a faux leather material of high quality which is environmental friendly, allowing me to experiment innovative designs with no limitations with regard to materials.”

HP is showcasing its stand beside one of their customers from Dubai – UAE, who is portraying real life applications using HP design solutions.

To further empower designers, HP is supporting a local design competition which encourages designers to share their creative design work with the wider business community.

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