24 Jun 2024 17:46

Experiential Marketing

Semcon wins Brand Journey of the Year 2017

Technology company Semcon has been awarded ‘Brand Journey of the Year’. The prize acknowledges the company in Sweden that has conducted the most successful brand movement during 2017. New creative thinking, effective implementation and proven effects are all evaluated.

“This feels amazing! Our team has done an incredible job transforming the brand and creating global campaigns. It is very exciting and an honour to win this award, especially considering the strong competition among the other nominees” says Per Nilsson, Corporate Communication and Marketing Director at Semcon.

Awarded by the Stockholm Marketing Association, ‘Brand Journey of the Year’ is a new award introduced this year and joins the existing ‘Marketing Manager of the Year’ which has been awarded since 2006. The jury consists of some of Sweden’s leading communication experts. The other nominated companies were Dometic, Fonus and Hemtex.

The motivation of the jury:

“In a traditional and low interest industry, this company has shown that everything is possible if you dare to seek the right insights and believe in change. To create a common interest for a business not directed at consumers and without a physical product is seen as impossible by many. By changing the focus from technology to people, discarding communication that is ineffective and focusing on PR, social media and the employees, the company has made the impossible possible and, in a short amount of time and with small means, given the brand wings to fly far beyond boarders of its nation and industry.”

Semcon’s brand journey

To increase awareness and interest of the Semcon brand, the company has undertaken an extensive brand journey. The outcome so far has included a new positioning, brand platform, visual identity and communication strategy. The needs and behaviours of the end user are the focus in everything Semcon does – People first, then technology.

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