23 May 2024 18:42

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The Digital Marketing 2017 Innovation World Cup Winners

The most creative and disruptive solutions for Digital Marketing were brought on stage at the world trade fair dmexco in Cologne today. 16 finalists, chosen by the international expert jury, competed against each other in becoming the “Digital Marketing 2017 Innovator of the Year”. One could almost feel the heat of the competition when listening to these entrepreneurs pitching their revolutionary ideas. 

The following 16 Digital Marketing Heroes selected by the jury, were competing for the trophies: (in alphabetical order): Advertima (Switzerland), AudEERING GmbH (Germany), Beaconsmind & OSRAM (Switzerland), Cognitive Operational Systems Inc. (USA), Conichiwa (Germany), GES (Switzerland), IDA Indoor Advertising GmbH (Germany), Idezo GmbH (Switzerland), INS Insider Navigation Systems GmbH (Austria), Key Infuser (France), Kontakt.io (Poland), Mimesis Technology (Poland), PlayPass (Belgium), Sendrato BV (Netherlands), SEP Solutions/Onni Care (Finland), TOTEAT (Chile). 

Who were ultimately the top five digital marketing innovators that went home with a trophy? And what are their mind-blowing solutions? See below:  

1st place: “Innovator of The Year”

audEERING emotional and social AI technology by audEERING GmbH (www.audeering.com)

audEERING is a contributor of intelligent audio analysis and speech emotion recognition technology and one of the most relevant providers of next-generation artificial intelligence based on affective computing. audEERING’s Audio Intelligence technology analyzes audio signals to automatically detect emotions, personal information, environmental sounds and many more aspects to enable emotional artificial intelligence.

2nd place: Omnichannel solution by conichiwa (www.conichiwa.com)

conichiwa creates individual and user-centric solutions to connect online with offline interactions. Their goal is to develop solutions that meet the real needs and challenges of each user by providing a channel to communicate set preferences. With this innovation, the customer interaction will take a new turn to sending only relevant and personalised content to the right person, at the right time, at the right location and via the right medium.

3rd place: Sendrato by Sendrato BV (www.sendrato.com)

Sendrato’s technologies supply their clients with in¬sights in movements, social information and in¬terests of people visiting large-scale events. The technology is prov¬en to process real time location, access and payment data of 250,000 visitors and enable the clients to make it interesting for the individual visitors by providing navigation and social features as well as entertainment. They have deployed smart wristbands and/or person¬al event assistants at Tomorrowland, Oktoberfest Brisbane in Australia and large-scale confer¬ences (e.g. Avanade).

4th place: Poken by GES (www.poken.com)

Poken is a cloud-based event management platform, that creates richer engagement. A seamless ecosystem of tools and technology for event pro¬fessionals, Poken enables event marketers to create interactive and exciting events, while providing a one stop system for managing each stage in the planning and delivery process. Equipped with a digital platform, mobile apps and NFC+ products, Poken brings together the digital and physical event spaces to drive engagement, centralize management and gain better insight through real data. 

5th place: KiOne by Key Infuser (www.keyinfuser.com)

Key Infuser offers stores and brands a powerful marketing tool for delivering live demonstrations, providing interactivity and generating customer’s interest. KiOne is a unique robot dedicat¬ed to Digital Transformation that navigates through smartphone’s applications and interacts with IoT connected devices, creating intimacy and desire for the digital experience. The interactions are stored in Cloud, enabling the stores and brands to develop their user adoption of digital experiences. 

Frank Schneider and Christian Muche, initiators of dmexco, state “We have started this exciting initiative with the Innovation World Cup Series and are really thrilled about the bandwidth of solutions who are showing the future pathway of how IoT is changing the digital marketing landscape. We celebrate the innovation and entrepreneurship of those helping shape the future of the Internet of Things and are proud to contribute a small part to the success of our 16 Digital Marketing Heroes and their breakthrough solutions.” 

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